1150 Looking for Duo Partner. Also Cookies!

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Hello, good sirs and/or madams!

I'm here to post the equivalent of a personals ad on the League forum. Single Silver Summoner looking for another Silver Single Summoner to have fun with in Duo Queue. I like taking long walks in the Jungle staring at various Mummies and Living Trees as well as a strange jester from time to time. Blind monks are also present for fun times as well.

But wait! That's not all! I'm also capable of bruising with the 1200 ELO best in top lane and have a fair bit of experience in mid and bot lane as well. Message me in game if you're interested. Maybe this could be the start of something awesome.

P.S You don't actually have to be Single, that was mostly for the purposes of the joke.

P.S.S. Message me in game with Hammerpriest.

P.S.S.S. If all goes well we might even use Skype or some other 3rd party programs while playing for increased communiction!