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[Suggestion] Language Based Match Making

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Let me start by saying that this post is cause I have lost yet another match due to the fact that not everyone player on my team spoke the same language. After asking in chat 3 times if our Xin Zhao could try to BD/Backdoor while we defended our base, our Xin Zhao replied with 'Dond spk engl'.

I've been looking at the Change Region/Language button.
(Region followed by listed languages(Sorry I didn't use all the special symbols and guessed at what some were))

  • North America
    • English
    • Portuguese
    EU West
    • English
    • Deutsch(German)
    • Espanol(Spanish)
    • Francais(French)
    EU Nordic
    • English
    • Polski(Polish)
    • Romana(Romanian)
    • (Russian?)
    • Turkce(Turkish)

Could you add Espanol(Spanish) to both the 'North American' and 'Brazil' regions for listed languages? Then have these languages kept track of on the server side player profile. With that you should be able to setup matches on those regions servers based off of the language selected?

Also I would say if that could be done that the 'Brazil' region should be renamed to 'South American'.

If this was setup as Boolean flags, it shouldn't add much to the current code nor take up much memory.

If you think that is is a good idea please simply post 'Agree'. If there is other ideas that could help with add to mine, please post them on your post 'Agree' a few returns/enters below your 'Agree'.

Otherwise please do not respond, I don't want this to because a fight about anything. I'm simply try to help improve the match making of the game.

Thank you to both you the reader and to Riot for your time.

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Agreed. Its very frustrating being unable to communicate with teammates because they either speak Spanish or Portuguese. A language filter would be great similar to other multiplayer games.