Yet another divisional league system question

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Leviticus the OG

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Perhaps its something I don't quite understand. I get it, that getting to my promotional matches in silver one. But winning 8-10 in a row shouldn't be the requirement. I spent six straight games in the 90s of league points. Lost once, and went back down to 82. I understand the concept, what I don't understand is the implementation. It's based on MMR or whatever, and if the teams are "stacked" one way or the other you get less LP. The whole concept of only gaining 1 LP per game after 95 LP is just a little drastic to me. "You have to win five in row before you get the chance to win three out of five for you division upgrade." Seriously!? But then again, maybe riot is doing their very best to keep players in their divisions. I dunno. Just feels like an impossible climb again, and I thought that's what they were trying to avoid. Especially since a dodge constitutes LP loss, so you can't dodge games for fear of having to do another six to replace the three points you lost. IT'S SO DREADFUL. I digress.