should there be a way to loss dodge timer if a troll is in your game?

yes 1 50.00%
no 1 50.00%
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people trolling in ranked and you having to dodge

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ok so here is the problem lately i go into a ranked game and im around the 1400 elo range and when i started playing ranked this season and now that i have gained much more knowledge and people may say there is no elo hell but when i join a q and im second pick and my first pick wants adc even if i main adc i respect that but when everyone else on my team wants adc and they cant respect the rules that is generally gone my in ranked the game is lost 2 adc no jungle double top like this should be discarded there should be no dodge time cause i sit there and go please someone dodge and when no one does i am forced to dodge the q and then i have to wait for the 30 mins to a hour now its insane and needs to be dealt with