LF Tournament Team - ADC Main

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I am going to start right off by saying that I am currently in 1250 elo. I'm not going to offer a bunch of excuses besides the fact that I really didn't care about my elo when I first began playing and thus have been stuck in this elo for a while now (hopefully new system helps). My name is RiptideV and I currently main ADC. I am looking for an ranked 5's team that is interested in playing in tournaments and climbing up in elo. I have plenty of friends on my list that I play with that can vouche for me and they all run in the 1500-1900 elo range. I play with them regularly but they are mostly all set in with their own groups of guys who they play on a team with. I would be more than happy to have you try me out for your team to display my skill and am also available most of the time.