Permabanned team

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The Following team was PERMABANNED from the World Wide Gaming tournament for cheating. Do you feel we did the right thing?

-1st warning, Playing with a player not on registered team

-Permaban, Playing on a hacked account

Cheating dose not pay!

Here they are just for your information:

Team 1 Perma Ban
Team Name = Conquer Gaming
Team Short hand I. E. nRnP = ConQG
Captian User name = efrainy
Player 2 User name = halseyy
Player 3 User name = martencar
Player 4 User name = blingy
Player 5 User name = monstar
back up player 1 user name = germanese
back up player 2 user name = thai
back up player 3 user name = davidfm