"we lose bcuz u aren't tanky, malphite"

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ap malphite isnt bad. glass cannon ap malphite is.

you wanna build ap malphite like a tanky ap, because you want to be able to initiate with your ult, but still survive and be able to tank a bit.
its not a good thing to solo que with for sure, you need your team to be on the ball and go in right when you ult,
when executed properly, you can win just about any teamfights (with the exception of if you're facing a crazy initation team with ults that combo together like amumu and miss fortune for example)

and you definitely need to build zhonya's on ap malphite if you're gonna get yourself focused after ulting, his E scales off armor too, so the armor part of zhonya's helps with that as well.
ult + e + zhonya's would probably be the best way to do it, but i havent played enough ap malphite to know.

as long as you're poking the carries with your Q whenever possible then jump in when the team will be able to kill one or both carries, it works.