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Why AD bruiser top?

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Stanley playing Caitlyn top just a few days ago: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yRxZZ5FJ4Q
It's just not going with the meta, if you think you can do well with an adc, then give it a try

to note:

the reason why you'd place caitlyn in top lane isn't for ****s and giggles. it's because caitlyn is built to push lanes and take turrets very quickly and safely. what she does outside of this is irrelevant.

top lane is a great place to push hard and fast, because it's the most isolated. it's harder to get to, and if you were a jungler focusing too much attention on it, you'd be withdrawing presence from your other lanes, as well as foregoing farming.

take, for example, caitlyn's build when TPA ran her top. the dude brought three doran's blades with no crit items. why? because you can't crit turrets and doran's are strong early.

to make up for this, they had a sivir who built traditional adc.

TPA's move with this was also successful because the entire team was built for early pressure/harass. this meant that no matter which lane their jungler went to, some other lane would push hard and fast in the process.

TPA would go on to win in something like, what, 16 minutes?

so look, if you're gonna do weird ****, sure, but have a goddamn purpose for it. and let the team know and see if they'll work with you. if not, you're costing them the game.