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Champion & Skin Sale: Killer Savings

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Bags of Geld

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  • Greetings, vessels. I am Crimson Elite Talon, brought here to tell you all of a lethal little team I’ve assembled. Not only is this murderous motley something of a vitriol dream team, but we’ve all agreed to bring you brutal, cutthroat savings, too. You’d be forgiven for thinking that we’ve spilled our brains all over the floor, but no... it’s not our senses you need fear for. My blades are yours, if you choose to wield them. 487 RP
  • My fellow killer-in-arms Crimson Elite Riven has put her services forward, too. A broken blade still breaks bodies fast when in her hands, as legions of the dead can morosely attest. 487 RP
  • And when the body shatters, what of the spirit? Soul Reaver Draven will gladly attend to your concerns. He will chill your heart then harvest everything that you are. 487 RP

  • I have called on the monstrosity that is Urgot to join in this little bloodletting of ours, and he gladly comes bearing his festering might and unrelenting, bone-breaking suffering. 395 RP
  • Ah, and there goes Katarina. I had feared the crimson-haired slaughtering siren would not be here in time, but she moves faster than the shadows, and is not one to miss out on butchery. 395 RP
  • That chanting… it can only be Draven! His methods are louder than I prefer, but I cannot argue with his results. He looks as keen as his blades to get this feast started. 487 RP

So have at it! This assembly cannot last forever; massacres can only persist where there are targets to be annihilated, and this murderous carousel dices like no other. If you’re interested in taking advantage of these slashed prices, then act fast between January 22 and January 25. Your enemies will regret their inaction.
Riot should use this sale again but replace urgot with Talon or Riven