Change the que system!

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I dont know about you other summoners but im tired of queing for a game then having to fight my own team mates for what role/char i would prefer/like to play....
Then you try to discuss but some people are just unco-operative and "troll" BUT yet Im forced to play with them or take a time penalty cuz I would like to skip that game and que with others but RIOT... we cant?!?!
why dont you implement a que system where people can choose their "role" or "class" they would like to play (support/tank/adc/ap/mid/top/jungle, ect...) before they actually get put in the que. That way your que match making system, will select those people who would like to play their certain areas and balance them out across the board. This way when people join a match there will be less fighting from team mates for where they wanna go and quite frankly maybe I can join a game where 3/5 people dont shout top or mid when they first join then agru over who called it first and who actually going there. Cuz as it stands now you have to fight your team mates before you can fight your enemy... And to top it off, we cant even bail on the match and look for another game without taking a penalty if we leave before the game starts...... Why cant you remove the time penalty from leaving que for the first 30secs upon entering the character selection screen or something else? This way if i join a match and my team refuses to work together i can safely leave that que with no penalties and find a better match with better players, but as it stands now, riot we cant. we are forced to play with these people and enjoy the game less or take a time penalty and have to wait to play the game cuz others refuse communicate....