/cry to go with /d /L /t /l

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This came to my mind as i played tryndamere before. The entire other team had a lot of CC and i was completely useless. So while running to try and farm, tryndamere was saying "I am your worst nightmare". All i could do was /facepalm everytime he said it.

My thought is that along with the well-known /d (dance) /t (taunt) /l (laugh) and /j (joke), i'd like to see the addition of /c (cry) This is when the champion expresses their fear or frustration at the unfortunate situation.

Some examples:
Yorick:/c "I wonder if i could bury myself with this shovel..."
Pantheon: /c "if you guys don't mind i'm going back to base and curl up in the fetal position"
Rengar: /c "I'm better prey than i am a hunter!
Cho Gath: /c "I'm so hungry..."
Volibear: /c "I can't maul anybody! I'm just an armoured teddy bear!"