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hate support

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I used to not like support much, and would do it just so that my team was complete.
To answer your question, YES, HATING SUPPORT IS BAD!
Support is a role that is almost crucial to the gameplay, fact that is highlighted by the fact that Riot brought many new items and masteries for support in season 3.

What I suggest is, in order to enjoy playing support, find a style that you like. There are multiple types of support that I will mention below:
a) Poke support - My personal favorite. While keeping your utility spells for your carry, you're in front throwing spells to lower the enemy. With the right runes, this can bring them quite low early game. Examples: Lulu (<3), Zyra, Sona and Lux. Other non-conventional include Morgana, Oreanna and Zilean.
b) Tanky/initiator support - Very important if your team lacks cc or tanky guys. You focus here on waiting for the enemy to make a mistake in positioning, or you protect your carry. Examples are Alistar, Blitzcrank, Taric, Leona and Shen. Non-conventional options include Maokai, Nautilus, and Voli.
C) Healers - You sit back and heal your carry when he's low. Usually Soraka, although Nami, Sona, and Taric can also play this role.

Poke supports are the most fun, and I suggest you try them. You can look up my rune page and masteries on my lolking entitled "Harass Support" to try them out.