small Edited feature to help players from trolls

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iTz SeXyTiMe69

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3 Weeks Ago

a current problem i face is that according to the client if a player backs out a champion select during their promo they lose lp and suffer a loss. well i was in a promo match and during champion select 2 players rambled on about trolling and i thought they were kidding. when the last player locked they wernt kidding becuase one of the "trolls" went adc thresh while the other claimed they were gonna feed. i was tempted to leave before the match started but i did not wanna penalize MY SELF a loss to my promo. during the game i really didnt care about the thresh adcing but what bothered me the most was leo purposely fed like she had claimed and thus i still lost the match and i STILL suffered a loss in the game.

Long story Short: i feel like that feature needs to change. if a player feels like not playing a ranked match for what ever reason he should have the option to back out before the match begins, and instead of suffering a auto loss he should be penalized a long time wait or if riot can come up with a different penalty for quitting during champion select instead of suffering a loss to their promo.

i attached some pics of what the purposely feeding player said in chat as well.