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Riot Skin Contests for Implementation

Yes Please!! 8 100%
Not worth it 0 0%
Voters 8 .

RIOT : A humble request from your customers

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Heya Riot!

My name is hengishammer and I am just a humble consumer like the majority of people that are among the advertised 32 million players per month—making LOL the most played game ever in the world. When a game is played this much it obviously means that it’s a great design and concept --offering a lot of customization for champions as well as continued releases to support and maintain it so that consumers can continue to play and enjoy it.

When a friend of mine started explaining the new trend of things deviating from the monthly subscription basis to piece-mealing items, skins, and customized options out for games-- I scoffed. Yet here we are seeing that the trend of FTP games has taken over, and really seen the benefit for both companies and the consumers as well.

I have been on the design side of things too in terms of game design, and to see 2D concepts come to life and be placed in game is something truly gratifying. In fact, it’s something you take pride in with a sense of giving something back to an idea and game you love. When you have a game being played by 32 million players a month, with players eagerly dishing out money for customization for their champions, it should tell companies that players like, want, and will pay hard-earned money for customization.

So I will ask this question that again will in most likelihood have a legal jargon blanket slapped over the top of it, dismissing it into oblivion—yet nonetheless here goes:

Riot: why can't players that continue to spend their money on something they love so much have a voice in customizations of their champions?

I am STRICTLY referring to skins for existing champions—not the design and implementation of champions or mechanics themselves.

There is a section on the forums for posting champion concepts or artwork but it is stated in the sticky and everywhere in legal disclaimers that those concepts will never be used or considered for a variety of reasons.

There is a ULA & Terms of Agreement before playing LOL that every player must agree and acknowledge before playing. It has been carefully scrutinized by some lawyer(s) for the protection of the company itself and for the consumer. You’re going to tell me that a ULA can be developed, but a submission form waiving all rights, privileges, and responsibilities can’t be generated in this one area for submitting skins so that RIOT could take some skin ideas from the community and utilize some of them?

Some part of everyone posting design concepts in the skins forum is hoping that at least they get a RIOT post in their thread that would mean an inkling of hope—that their skin MIGHT come to fruition. Otherwise, why would consumers post there? I will tell you—inspiration is a wave. For me when it comes you have to ride it because it might be gone tomorrow. Most artists I know are like this too. We have utilized this formula too in the past with regard to community designed maps—and had immense and positive community feedback as well. The result?---a stronger and tighter dedicated community/player base.

Why can’t a monthly/quarterly/bi-weekly or heck even yearly (we would take anything we could get) skin contest be held? Riot could take inventory of champions that need more skins, and hold a contest for them, possibly 3 champions at a time by regions and then region competitions. First, Second, Third place prizes for each champion could be awarded. Something like IP prizes for first or second place, but first prize is the actual implementation of the skin itself placed in game by RIOT’s artists and a free skin to the designer.

Maybe it makes too much sense to me, but when you make a contest it generates more interest/involvement in the product that 32 million people love already, thus creating more skins, more options for customization and ultimately more money for the company.

Everyone would be all the more happier right?

Please artists and community--let Riot know you want this.

Let them know with the poll!

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a Fatality

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You are quick to quote the 32 million players. Can you guess who the most popular champions to play globally are? I can guarantee you that Karma gets very little game play in comparison to Annie. Do you really think Riot doesn't keep track of champions played and make skins for those champions?

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The problem is - speaking on my behalf only- is that I refuse to play the popular noob cannon champions that are utilized in almost every match. Where is the challenge in that?

The fact that all champions are still available for sale means that there should be continued options and customization for ALL of them.