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The adventures of Ahri, convenience store clerk

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chozen arcangel

Junior Member


Cool story, specially the veigar and ahri's part, my 2 favorite champs working together =3 only thing i need is to see cho' job, maybe he being a secretary? xD

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Frost Archer

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chozen arcangel:
Cool story, specially the veigar and ahri's part, my 2 favorite champs working together =3 only thing i need is to see cho' job, maybe he being a secretary? xD

He's a gentleman D: You'll NEVER see him cleaning up floors. He probably gets a large inheritance so all he does is eat

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Episode 3

Ahri was on all fours, crawling slowly through the grass that decorated a small patch of ground leading up to LOLmart. She slowly crept up to the corner of the store, and looked around it, darting her eyes left and right quickly, checking her surroundings to see if the coast was clear. Seeing no one, she quickly sneaked up to one of the windows outside the convenience store. She peeked in carefully, checking to see if any lights were on. They weren't.

Good...hehehe...looks like Veigy decided not to check in on the store today. He'd be so pissed if he found out I opened the store 5 hours late!

She sneaked over to the entrance, and went up to the alphanumeric keypad. She started punching in her personal keycode: B, zero, zero, B, S.

The keypad beeped in confirmation, and she heard a loud clicking sound. The double doors slid open. Ahri rushed inside and flipped open the light switch. The florescent bulbs flickered, then bathed the store in a flood of white light.

She gingerly made her way through the store, stepped in behind the counter, then pounced into her chair. She breathed in slowly, then let out a big sigh of relief.

"I'm so sneaky..." Ahri mumbled to herself happily. She started reaching for a magazine to pull out from under the counter, but suddenly froze. A strange scent...she sniffed the air; caught a scent of something vaguely familiar...she tried to remember what it was.

She looked around, her amber-colored eyes slightly glazed over, then suddenly came to, and shot straight up, remembering that she had smelled something earlier. She suddenly remembered what it was.

There was some sort of rodent hiding in the store!

Ahri leaped up onto the counter, knocking over the wire display filled with Slim Jims in the process. Landing gracefully onto the floor, she scanned the store slowly. The smell seemed to be coming from the snack foods aisle to her right. She hopped over to the aisles stocked full of chips, cheese nips, and other tasty snacks, and searched the area carefully, making sure to check the tiny spaces under the shelves.


But it had to be here! The smell was coming from literally right next to her!

Ahri's ears picked up the sound of a body brushing past a cardboard box.

Without thinking, Ahri whirled around and pounced at the empty air behind her. A giant, mouse-like rodent appeared into view suddenly from out of thin air, and both Ahri and the creature tumbled to the ground.

Ahri let out a quiet but surprised growl, rose up on top of the rodent, and repeatedly pawed her hands at the creature ferociously, but ineffectively. The huge rat had it's eyes shut in fear, struggled frantically, then cried out.

"Oh dear God! I'm gonna die! Someone help me! Make it stop!! Please make it stop!!"

The rat opened an eye to get a look at his murderer, and saw a pretty young lady with two dog ears and silky black hair with a faint hue of blue, her legs mounted over his body, repeatedly pawing at him.

"Actually, on second thought, please continue."

Ahri stopped and stared at the creature, a quizzical look in her eyes.

"A talking mouse?"

"A talking dog?"

"But I'm magical."

"And you think a talking mouse isn't?"

"And I'm not a dog! I'm a fox! There's a difference!"

"Technically I'm not a mouse either, I'm a rat."

"How did something as big as you manage to sneak in here anyway?"

"Through the chimney, duh."

Ahri looked up, slightly curious. She saw the random vent with the grate hanging open, which led up to what she supposed was an actual chimney. Come to think of it, she did remember seeing a red brick chimney on the roof of the store.

"Hmmm, how weird! But we don't have a fireplace, and the food station only has a microwave. What do we need a chimney for?"

The rat looked at Ahri and shrugged.

"Uh, sorry, I got nothin'."

Ahri looked back down and pinned the rat back onto the floor with her hands.

"Seriously though! What are you doing here? You can't be a customer, the store was closed all day!"

"Well, umm...I was hungry...no one was willing to hire me, and the League literally pays us in peanuts now, and I'm allergic to peanuts. I just wanted something to eat..."

Ahri released her hands from the rat, and got up. She bent down and extended a hand, and helped the rat up also.

"Why didn't you just say so? We have so much food at the food station! Follow me."

Ahri led the rat over to the food station, and sat him down on a small round table. She picked a jumbo cup from the cup dispenser and motioned to the rat.

"What kinda drink do you want?"

The rat seemed a bit doubtful.

"Hmmm, well I'm kinda in the mood for cherry coke I guess."

"Cherry coke! That's my favorite!"

Ahri filled the cup up with the sugary drink, then got another jumbo and filled it up with the same dark-colored soda. She set the drinks down on the table, then walked quickly over to the snacks aisle. She came back lugging a large box of Cheese nips.

The rat looked on in silence as he watched Ahri open the box, and pour it's entire contents out onto the table. A few of the crackers spilled onto the floor. Ahri sat down across from the rat, and started munching on cheese nips while taking occasional sips out of her Cherry coke.

"MMM, yummy! Cheese nips with cherry coke is just sooo good!"

The rat picked up a cheese nip, tossed it into his mouth, then took a sip from his cup.

"Oh man, this is actually pretty tasty!"

The rat looked over at the fox-lady.

"My name is Twitch, by the way."

Ahri gulped down her food and then looked at Twitch.

"Finally, a name! I'm Ahri."

They looked at each other, and Ahri smiled at him genuinely. Twitch responded with a slight grin, then looked down and started eating more cheese nips.

They both sat there, eating and drinking occasionally from their cups of cherry coke. After a while Twitch spoke up.

"So why are you working in a place like this anyway? I've seen you before in a League match, and you seemed to be really popular with the fans. Someone like that would definitely get a top-end salary..."

Ahri clasped her hands over her heart, looked down at the floor, then looked at Twitch with sad, melodramatic eyes.

"Well...yes, it's true they pay decently...but the big ticket matches are so rare, and my deepest desire was to get a Porche Coupe for my birthday, and I asked my parents, but they said they were only going to give me $5000 per month, and said I needed to get a job, and then they savagely thrust me out onto the treacherous streets to fend -"

A cheese nip flew out from across the table and struck Ahri right above her right eye.

"Owwww! Why did you do that?"

"Very funny Ahri. I'm not a total loser. But...it was a stupid question for me to ask anyway."

Ahri looked at Twitch, and then seemed to become crestfallen, and her pointy fox ears lowered slightly. Twitch started to think he had really offended his new friend, but then Ahri looked up and made as if she wanted to speak.

"It's just...I had a family, but it was so long ago...and then the league...? - No... I mean, I was alone...um...and....cheese nips...?"

Ahri's mind seemed to wander, and then she started to look confused, as if she had wanted to reveal more but kept getting interrupted by some errant thought.

"I'm so sorry Twitch...I'm an idiot...the only thing I can think of are those visions....as if someone is searching for me...."

It seemed as if Ahri wanted to say more, but she seemed utterly bewildered. Twitch felt like he had to do something before she completely succumbed to her thoughts. He grabbed the table, and shook it.

"HEY! Ahri...!"

Ahri's eyes started to glaze over, and Twitch began to feel a tinge of panic.

"Ahri...It was a silly question..! I didn't mean to get so personal...I only asked because I've been homeless for so long and had such a hard time finding a job, the League just pays jack to unpopular champs like me, and you just seemed to have it all...."

Ahri seemed to finally get a grip of her surroundings. She looked around at her surroundings, and then suddenly grinned neatly at Twitch, acting as if nothing had happened.

"Twitch...if you need a home...you can stay here! I don't mind at all, and it's got food and shelter, and everything you could possibly need...and...you can turn invisible right? I saw it earlier, if my manager ever comes all you'd have to do is go invisible and he'd never know!"

Ahri paused a bit to consider something.

"And I think yordles have a bad sense of smell, right? He didn't seem to notice when I accidently left the milk shipment out overnight next to the heater and had to pour it all down the drain...he was just happy I sold so much milk in one day...."

Twitch looked at Ahri carefully, checking to see if she was still in that trance. She did not seem to remember what had just happened, or perhaps, Twitch thought to himself, she had ignored it on purpose. He looked around at the store, thinking to himself, then looked back at Ahri.

"Ahh well...It would really be nice not to have to sleep outside or in a sewer for once...I'll only stay until I can find a job and get a home for myself."

Ahri smiled and seemed to brighten up. She picked up another cheese nip and munched on it happily.

"Well I'm glad...it's just not fair for anyone to have to be all alone out there...."

Twitch and Ahri both sipped from their cups of Cherry coke, and munched on the cheese nips together. Twitch thought about his lonely and confused nights he spent in the sewers of Zaun, unsure of how he came to be and what his purpose was. He fought in the league to advance the interests of the mighty state of Zaun, but he had never truly felt he belonged there, so he traveled the world instead, wandering to wherever the paths would take him. But here, in this little chain convenience store located in it's own little corner of the world, Twitch finally felt like he was home.

Episode 4 can be found further down this page!

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Senior Member


...why do you insist on making this so perfect? The story arc with Twitch and Ahri's internal conflict concerning her past is just....so...perfect. Their lonesome characters seem to complement each other so well.

Seriously, can you post this on Fanfiction.net so I can favorite it? I fanboy'd all over myself before literally hugging my laptop after reading this chapter. Twitch is barely written about, and Ahri is my favorite character ever.

Please write more. I'm so hooked. I keep fanboying involuntarily because of it.


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Senior Member


No updates today....but I decided to go ahead and create an acc. on Fanfic and post this story there.

It's a pretty neat site...idk why I didn't do it earlier.

If anyone notices any errors in formatting I'd appreciate it if you let me know.

Link here: Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8939096/1/The-Adventures-of-Ahri-convenience-store-clerk-Ahri-gets-a-dayjob

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Episode 4

Author's note: After some consideration, I made some edits to the ending of this story. After reading and considering it for awhile I just didn't think it meshed well w/ the tone of the series. I simply don't desire to explore Ahri's dark and murderous past (which others have explored quite well already in other fanfics) - I only want to explore how she develops in the future. Sorry if this causes any confusion!

"What do you think he does all day in there?"

Ahri had her ears pinned against the red door located near the back of the store, listening intently for any sort of sound or voice that might come from within. The door had only a lone, solitary window and a brand new label below which simply read: Manager's Office. Do Not Disturb. Yes Ahri, This Means You.

"How should I know? You're the one standing there with your ears against the door," Twitch said nonchalantly.

"I have an idea...Twitch, come up and take a peek through the window," Ahri whispered quietly. She motioned silently for Twitch to move up to the door. "Use your invisibility so he won't notice anything. Hurry up!"

Twitch slowly faded out of view, and then moved up to the red door and gazed inside the window.

"So what do you see? What's he doing in there?"

Twitch rose up, trying to get a better view inside the office.

"Um...he seems to be...I think he's crying! He's just sitting in his chair crying..."

Ahri nudged Twitch with the point of her index finger.

"Well go in and comfort him then! He must be feeling really lonely in there."

"Dude, I'm not going in there...he doesn't even know I exist! Besides...what do you think a crying man needs most?"

"...huh? What he needs most?"

"Boobs, Ahri. When a man breaks down and cries, that's his desperate mating call telling the world he needs Boobs."

Twitch felt a large object impact suddenly against his skull, and the world turned into a whirling blur. He felt hands dragging him somewhere, and heard the sound of a door opening. Vaugely he noticed the painful nudge of a foot shoving him through a doorway, and then the clatter of a door slamming shut behind him. He slowly came to his senses, and tried to get a bearing on his surroundings.

He was inside Veigar's office, and the aforementioned yordle was sitting behind his desk, staring sorrowfully up into the ceiling, looking dejected and uttering nonsense.

"Ohhhh God...I'm such a failure! I try so hard to be merciless and evil, and the only response I get is laughter and ridicule! Have I not burned and sundered the bushes in my neighbor's backyard? Did I not make his 2-year old daughter tremble in fear? Do houseflys not flee in terror when they sense my prescence? And then to add insult to injury the league doesn't even want me as AP mid anymore! They're replacing me with those stupid Black Cleaver-wielding AD buffoons!"

Veigar took out a wet towel from his pocket, and blew into it with his nose. Twitch thought the display was so pathetic, that he decided to go and try to comfort the sad yordle. Veigar continued to ramble on, not seeming to notice the rat standing beside him.

"Maybe I should just call down a meteor of dark matter and end it all...would anyone even care?"

"Umm...don't say that Veigar, life is hard for everyone!"

"Life is hard? What a joke! Some champions just have it all!"

"I know," Twitch exclaimed mournfully. "I was born with nothing, and everyone thought I was just some crazy talking rat..."

"Oh why did I have to be born into this sad yordle body? Why God?"

The yordle and the rat started wailing sadly together, and then they faced each other, and started moving in for a hug, each trying to comfort the other, when Veigar suddenly stopped and stared at Twitch, a slightly horrified expression evident on his face.

"What the hell is this? Am I seriously being comforted by a giant mutant rat? "

Twitch started waving his hands magically in the air in front of him, and he started to fade slowly out of vision.

"Thissss...is all a dream Veigar...none of this is real...echo...echo...echo..."

Veigar saw the rat dissapear from sight. He closed his eyes and rubbed his temples slowly. There was only one explanation for this.


The red door seemed to open ever so slowly, and Ahri came in cautiously, hands clasped together as if begging for forgiveness. She walked up to Veigar, dropped to her knees, made an exaggerated bow, and then spoke to Veigar in a dutiful tone. The entire scene had an air of facetiousness.

"Oh Dark Overlord of Evil, your Highness Veigar...why have you summoned this lowly fox into your court?"

Veigar lowered his head and moaned audibly in annoyance. He felt an incoming headache, looked back up at Ahri, and breathed in slowly.

"..Ahri, why is there a giant rat in this store? Can you please, for the love of god, explain this in a way so that I won't want to shoot myself in the face later?"

Ahri stayed motionless, with her face lowered and staring at the floor.

"Yes, your malevolence. I only wish to please your highness. This lowly fox found the aforementioned creature in the store, homeless and hungry, and this fox, only wishing to swell the ranks of the Dark Overlord, permitted this mysterious creature to stay and prosper along with your empire."

Still on her knees, Ahri made a series of repeated, melodramatic bows, then looked up at the yordle earnestly.

"Please Veigy? He has nowhere to go, and he could help around with the store."

Veigar stared blankly at Ahri and sat there for awhile, almost in disbelief. After a while, Veigar let his hands drop down and sighed painfully.

"Fine, Ahri...ugh... we do need someone to organize the shelves and fill in when needed...but I'll only let him stay if he doesn't bother the customers and goes invisible when they're here."

"This humble fox thanks your Malevolence. Long live the Dark Overlord!"

Ahri bowed again in grateful reverence, stood up, then backed out slowly, facing the yordle the entire time, furiously swaying her arms up and down and bowing repeatedly. She crossed through the doorframe, arms still bowing furiously, and continued to stare down at the floor, then quickly closed the door shut.

Veigar sighed and looked down at his paperwork, still slightly soggy with tears. He didn't know why but he felt a little better.

"How am I gonna explain this if the health inspector finds out...sigh..someone just kill me, please..."

Outside, Ahri breathed a sigh of relief, then searched for Twitch. She saw him appear in front of her, and smiled at him.

"Hehehe...I can't believe we actually convinced Veigy to let you stay." Ahri said happily.

"Yeah...you somehow managed to cheer him up, Ahri. I thought I was screwed...he was talking about how he wished he could be more evil..."

Ahri's smile suddenly disappeared upon hearing that last word, and she stayed still for awhile. She looked back at Twitch with a slightly remorseful expression.

"Twitch...I'm sure you know how cruel this world can be...only humans have the concept of evil, so they live their lives not noticing it. But, animals are different..."

Ahri stopped, and looked down. After awhile, she look back up at Twitch sincerely.

"Part of the reason I spend so much time at this store...is because I don't sense any Evilness from Veigy...deep down I think he's a nice guy. Twitch...am I wrong?"

Twitch was half taken aback, surprised that his friend's normally happy demeanor had suddenly turned so dark.

"Um...well...all I know is that I've always had this sort of sixth sense and could always guess if someone was really evil...I think you have it too, and Ahri – I don't think you're wrong about Velgore...or uhh...whatever his name is."

Ahri looked up at Twitch, her face expressionless as if she had some troubling thought in her mind, and then she looked away, and started walking towards the front of the store.

Twitch watched Ahri as she slowly headed back towards the front counter. She didn't seem to want to talk anymore. Her demeanor reminded him of that time when they had first met, when she had talked about someone searching for her, and Twitch couldn't help but wonder just who this person could be, and why he or she would want to find her so much.


Episode 5, part 1 is up, with part 2 to be posted shortly! link is on FamFiction.net and also here: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/...1#post33989132

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Hey guys, no updates today, but I made a fairly significant change to the ending of episode 4.

After reading and considering it for awhile I just didn't think it meshed well w/ the tone of the series. I simply don't desire for this series to explore Ahri's dark past (which others have explored quite well already in other fanfics) - I only want to explore how she develops in the future. This will not affect the overall plot, and only removes some episodes where I had planned to explore her past (which, by nature of her lore, would necessarily be darker and more violent). If I DO release my story about Ahri's past it would have to be as another story entirely separate from this series. Sorry if this causes any confusion!

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The views were 1337 when I entered the thread.

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lol this is interesting. i was thinking of writing something along these lines with alistar buying a hamburger from a fast food place, and tristana being the cashier.

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lol this is interesting. i was thinking of writing something along these lines with alistar buying a hamburger from a fast food place, and tristana being the cashier.

Hehe, sounds cool, Trist is such a cute char, except imo Ahri is more awesome than Tristana (sorry trist fans! I still think she's great).

Planning to post a pretty huge update on Monday, a two-part episode - but I'm holding it for now so that I can make the proper edits and spruce it up so I can avoid having to edit it later like I did w/ episode 4.