New Forum User and Q&A. (Su Mon Ra)

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Su Mon Ra

Junior Member


Hello my name's Su Mon Ra, I may not be new to the game or genre but I'm new to the forums so I'm hoping I'm allowed to post here for a self introduction of myself, obviously.

And able to make a Q&A so I'm understood better.

Question below and I'll answer.

Q. Have you tried your hand at ranked?
A. I have but I've been paired with the un-eventful troll bunch of the community 50% of the time, forcing my win to plummet to my loss rate.
Q. Why start the forums now and not when you created your account?
A. I honestly don't know, probably because I've found no point in posting or had any interest in posting, only really wanted to play.
Q. Favourite Champion to play?
A. Kha'Zix.