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Would you like to see something similar to this be implemented?

Yeah this seems like something that could work with a few tweaks. 2 100%
Meh. I don't really care for this. 0 0%
No I don't want Riot to try to change solo queue at all. 0 0%
Voters 2 .

Idea for Improving Solo Queue

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READ:This is an idea in my head not an actually thing Riot is adding and is merely being suggested as an idea to improve the game. Any labels such as AP carry AD carry etc. may be renamed and are just labeled as those because people are familiar with them.

When queuing you could be given the option to select one or more preferred roles. This could of course be given a level minimum to force early players to play and adapt in team chat based on the team's needs. Choosing said role(s) would not guarantee or force you into any role lane or champion. The system could match the first 10 players based on skill and level as it currently does. Then it could match by distributing the team based the flexibilities of the players who used the system. So a player who is willing to play support and ADC could be given a value of 2 and a player who can only play one role could be worth 1 and then the system could try to balance the numbers on the team so they are as even as possible and setting players who didn't use the system equal to 0 while still matching those players with the ones who did use the system so that they are not stuck with a longer queue time.

EXAMPLE) To help the less imaginative get an idea for this idea I'll provide an example of how this could work.
You have 10 queued like the system already does. 6 used the system and 4 didn't.
The six that did marked. 1)AP carry, Support. 2)AD carry. 3)Bruiser. 4)AP carry, Roamer. 5)AP carry. 6)AD carry, Support, Bruiser. With the numbers representing each individual player. Also note that these roles could change to different names I used these ones because most people on the competitive discussion including myself are familiar with them.
So the system ideally would do this:
Team 1) 2 players that didn't use the system. Player 1, Player 3, Player 4
Values: (0)+(0)+(2)+(1)+(2)=5
Team 2) 2 players that didn't use the system. Player 2, Player 5, Player 6
Values: (0)+(0)+(1)+(1)+(3)=5

I'd like your feedback on potential problems. Additionally how interested would you be in something similar to this being implemented?

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Well this is kind of stupid that I have to bump it...