Need some alternative opinions on my support build.

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When I play support if feel pigeon holed in what items I need. Mainly my build starts
Philosopher stone parts and 2 wards then I get philosopher stone > Kage's Lucky Pick > Boots > Sightstone > Upgrade boots > Then last 2 what ever is needed. My problem is I feel like I can't build another more practical way with support.

Do I really need Kage's or am I able to go straight to sightstone then boots?

Should I upgrade my GP items early or is the trade off in income not worth it?

Any other options or Items I should really consider in my process that I'm not thinking about?

I play mostly Soraka Nunu Taric and Lux if it helps.

Any input be helpful

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I play janna, a support whisch dosen't need AP

I run Cloth + 2 wards + 2 pots

Buy sightstone first. It gives you the most gold for your money. If you use all the wards, it's like the best Gp10 item.

Get at least Gp10 Quints, and the Gold masteries. Gold seals are good too.

I rush Ageis, cause janna is all about the teamfight.

Upgrade gp10 items when teamfights are about to happen.