Continuous Ranked Loss, I need Help, So Stressed.

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Nadeko Sengoku

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I've been playing League of Legends since Season 1, I Love this Game, I had so much fun and great times in the league, though I started to Play Ranked at S2, I was 800 ELO once at S2, Managed to Climbed up to 1600+ ELO at S2 too and I'm really glad I can Climb that Hard and get the Gold Frame

So since S3 Starts, I started to Play Ranked again, unfortunately I got Thrown back again to 1300s~1400s ELO from 1600s, because of AFKs and Feeders and things like that, I'm not saying I'm good, I'm pretty Decent not too bad not too good. Its pretty Stressful and I'm losing Confidence in myself.


TL;DR: Any tips so I can Climb back to 1600s ? I really don't need/want to get to Plat and/or Diamond, I just want to get back to my Top Rating.

The Matchmaking is really stressful that I just got 3 AFKs in a row today

TL;DR: Any tips on playing Solo Q Ranked 1300s~1600s ?

Thanks Community

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Gotta outplay the kids in your own elo. Easier said than done. You could always go the route of playing an op FOTM but thats lame. You can improve on your own mechanical skills cause I know for sure 1300-1600 have subpar farming rates during laning phase. One thing that im sure the kids in your elo are not accustomed to are ganking mid laners. That always does alot of carrying there. Winning lane is always good but helping win both other lanes is even better. Games are not won during laning phase. Team fight composition is a trump card in worst case scenerio. Im sure you have had the game where your team was 25-3 and you lost anyways due to a slight throw, and impenetrable enemy team fight. I hope I helped you a little, Add me in game if you need anything.

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if you made it to 1600, DW

You'll make it back to 1600 with time.

Us 1200's are terrible.

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It's not what you want to hear, but the truth is, if you're actually a 1600 player eventually you'll pull yourself out of it.

If you got carried to 1600 and you only had around, oh... less than 30 ranked games last season, then you probably got lucky.

That being said, what I did last season to get up through "Elo Hell" was to focus on the inherent weakness of the LoL community.

If you can jungle, do so. Jungle, for me at least, was the most pivotal role on the team in elo's where moral is broken before 20 mins have even passed (up to around mid 1300 I would say) If you can find a person whose going against the meta and it's possible to target him, then do so.

Most likely people who do things that other people would see as stupid (Not taking flash, using an unorthadox support/jungle/mid, strange item build, etc.) will be abused by their team mates more often, so if you can target the weakest link, then you can make an enemy fight each other more than your team. For ranked, the second a team starts throwing around blame, they lose almost 85% of the time.

Vise-versa, don't rage at your team or yourself. Somebody gave up first blood and 3 kills before 10 mins? Babysit them., don't tell them off.