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please give us more player Data in ranked solo que

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Its come to my attention that each player is not equal in skill and people just entering ranked with 20 or so games are matched with ppl with 50 or 100 games.... which means there is almost no way to determining how decent they are as team mates...

KDA is by far the most important information we can get given because it tells us the players tenacy to do above average, keep even, or feed most times... again this can tell you that if someone has low KDA then they should be learning to support... as you dont want them in charge of TOP or MID or AD or JUNGLE roles, if they will just feed.

Also allowing people to see the type of awards people give them is important too, within like 20 games or so. because if someone is a team player, we want to know, he probably needs to be mid, to make sure he ganks lanes instead of a selfish person taking mid and throwing a game cause they cant get to Carrying part of the game etc

something like,,,,
Good Last hitting ---- for AD carries
Team player ------- for TOP and MID
Good Map Awareness- for Jungle and MID
Good jungler/TOP/MID/AD/Support

you know the gist so we know what your good at... its like a 10 second interview with your team where you should be given merit to your abilities and if you arent so good then given the oppotunity to watch and support the Carrying Players needed in each game.

Another thought would be to include KDA ratio into choosing ranked opponents for teams... so that the KDAs would be equal or similar making it more evenly matched.

Please RIOT do something, Anything, but stop taking away information.... Give it back

pls i know LoL king i use it. but make it easier