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A few questions.

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Ok, for starters, I received my stipends and was looking to spend when I noticed Mao was 6300/975. Now this, isn't a big issue. I'm just trying to get all champs for any new content being released. However, I then looked at other champs that were supposed to have recent price reductions and they were not lowered either. So my question is this, when or will these champions have the correct prices?

Now for my second inquiry. After getting all the Warring Kingdoms skins I decided to see if Steel Legion Lux was available yet, as there has been a blank splash of the skin for a while now. It was not. I then was curious about Neon Strike Vi, as it has been available on the live server since Vi was released. Still unavailable. So my question(s) is(are) this(these), what's the story with these skins? Is Steel Legion Lux even being considered, or scrapped? And why is Neon Strike Vi unavailable?

Thank you in advance for any information on this.