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Jamal, Defender of the Ghetto

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Junior Member


Passive: brotherhood; nearby allies gain a percentage movespeed increase (2/4/6%)

Q: Shank; Jamal throws a homemade shank at target enemy, stunning them for 0.5 seconds and dealing 50/80/110/140/170(+0.6 ap) magic damage, cooldown 6 sec. cost: 90 energy

W: Lift; Jamal passively gains 2/4/6/8/10% damage reduction, active: jamal gains 20% damage reduction for 5 seconds but he loses the passive for the duration of the cooldown, 15 sec cooldown. cost: 100 energy

E: Take a bullet; Jamal places a protective shield on an ally, redirecting the next hostile ability towards Jamal and only does of 75% of its intended effect. 15 sec cooldown. cost: 50

R: Leap of freedom; Jamal leaps into target area, slowing enemies inside the area by 40/50/60% and dealing 200/300/400(+0.7 ap) magic damage. cooldown 90/75/60 sec. cost: 0 energy

Base stats:
Health 450 (+85)
Health regen 9(+0.8)
Energy 200(+0)
Energy regen 50(+0)
Range 200
Attack damage 56.7(+3.3)
Attack speed 0.625(+2.25%)
Armor 20(+3)
Magic resist 30(+1.25)
Mov speed 335

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Junior Member


I support this. The league needs a little more diversity.

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Cow Moolester



+1, this would really add much needed players form the inner city. That way they ccould slow down the load times more with their Dial up and I could actually do things like homework, housework, etc.

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Junior Member


why would you be so stupid to post this? Its so bad. not even creative or diverse, just point blank stupid.