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I need help reforming myself.

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your link is broken

If this is bad behavior, I'm not playing the same game as you. I don't even think this was worth a report. Sometimes, it happens to all of us to act a bit different, either it is cockyness or beeing a bit irritating. You did not insult anyone, you were getting a bit discouraged at your teammates and that's about it. The thing here is that the report is coming from the enemy team, to whom you said almost nothing. Someone seem to have rage reported you for having a good game and being too happy about it.

The second game is something else. Please, contain yourself a little.

To help on behavior issues here are a few tips. Just try to laugh a bit and keep on playing. Think about how un-useful it is to type in rude comments and how much of a jerk you will look like if you say this. Try to also think how you would feel being told what you are about to say.

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Senior Member


I'll break it down game by game for you.

Game1: You insult nocturne and mordekasier and also get angry at master yi once as well. In the chat we can see that you're angry at nocturne's score (i.e. 1/4/8) and even seem to hint to quitting the game just because mordekaiser built sunfire cape.

My advice, if a player is not doing so well or they make a questionable choice, then kindly and calmy offer them advice on how to improve for the next time. Punish.

Game2: This is probably what got you suspended. From the beginning we see that you get mad at nasus and call him "bad x2", which is never needed at all. You also tell him to go to the jungle because he stinks at top lane, which again, is uncalled for. This trend continues through pretty much the entirety of the game and even tell the kha'zix player that you'll "dunk him to the kha'zix patch" whatever that means. Near the end you again yell at nasus and at the end you yell in all chat saying "lose your bleep game" and to "enjoy your honor loss".

My advice, just because someone is doing bad doesn't give you the right to constantly berate them. People have bad games, so you yelling at them, cussing them out and/or telling them they're bad just makes the situation worse and also makes you look like a jerk. If you really want someone to improve, then offer them advice (in a respectful, non-rude/offensive manner might I add) on what you think they could do to improve their gameplay. My verdict, punish.

Overall: You seem to be the kind of player who gets mad easily when people make a mistake, but instead of offering them advice on how to play better, you instead choose to insult/rage at them, cuss them out and berate them and never once offering respectful advice. You also don't seem to take into account the fact that people have bad games every now and then either, so there's that.

My advice would be to calm down; just because someone made a mistake or doesn't know what to do does not give you the right to rage at them, insult them and/or cuss them out because of that. If you truly want to be a better player/person, then learn to accept the fact that people make mistakes and have bad games, and if they're not doing so good, then kindly and respectfully offer them some tips/advice on how to play better. Just note that if you do choose to do this, then it must not be in a way that can come off as offensive to them, and if they refuse to listen to your tips/advice, well then that's their fault/problem and not yours.

Final Verdict: Because of the actions that you showed in these 2 games, I have no choice but to vote for punish.

I hope I helped some.

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PH Marciano



Avoid insults, if u want to tell something use kind words, an example:

"Hey guys becareful with bot they're pretty good" sounds better than "Dont fking fed bot!"

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Senior Member


Real tips...:

First, turn off All Chat. Its a game, not an a/s/l chat room where you can spew ego goo on each other.

Second, ignore at the first, and subsequent, negative comments...Again, its a game.

Third, if you really want to counter a troll and not be on the tribunal's bad side, only counter with a single, non-accusing statement. For ex.: Someone asked me "Does your dad try to kiss you at night?" I replied, "Only when he has *****************." Then ignore (he logged right off because he had no comeback). When you defame yourself, you aren't insulting them (avoid bad language and caps) and you are giving them no door to piss you off.

Remember...There is NO REASON to one-up people. If they say something, acknowledge it: "Yeah I do suck and I hate it!" "I know I'm a noob. Its my first time. Thought 'hey, I know, I'll start a LoL account, level to 30, spend $50 on a champ like everyone else, and assume I'm pro at it."

If you acknowledge these idiot comments, they have no comeback. Then..the key is to IGNORE.

Lastly, NEVER BE RUDE. What do you gain? Do you make your dad proud? Do you gain more friends? Do you wake up knowing "I've done good in the world?" No you don't, and if you think you do, then you have rose tinted glasses my friend. I rather you know it is you who makes your life what it is; not your dad, mom, siblings, peers, teachers, the police, lawyers, or fellow gamers. So why not make something of yourself and feel good another way?

Its a game

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Calys Teneb

Senior Member


Lawyer Bot:
Sorry, I was gone for the day with work.

Than you ALL for the feedback, I will be reading each response individually.

If anyone else would like to chime in, please do!

Here's the best thing.

You seem to be talking trash because you appear to be desperate to turn a losing game around. Maybe you're on a losing streak, in fact. (This is all hypothetical, but there's a point to it.) You value each individual game TOO highly. You talk like every game is a make or break point on your road to higher ELO, and every time it breaks you get a little angrier and more desperate, and your temper grows shorter.

The new League system will likely help because what you NEED to do is take a very long term view of ELO gain. Set a shorter, more reasonable goal, and work your way to it instead of getting frustrated that you can't make gold or plat right away. ELO is as much a measure of commitment to the game as it is skill. People who aren't committed to it will lose interest quickly because they're not going as fast as they want. People who play and play and play eventually will gain ELO if they're constantly trying to improve themselves first.

With the new League system, these short term and long term goals will be clearer to you and should alleviate your frustration. However, if you get on a losing streak there, take a break. Go do something fun. Relax. Unwind. Maybe set LoL down for the day. Your mental state is as much productive to ELO gain as your champion or role skills are.

Take care of your mind and body first. You'll play better when you're relaxed, optimistic, fed, and bathed. You'll feel better and that will translate to your performance in game.

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Ouroborous HD



Don't press the enter key.


(...except for "mia" and timers.)

go with this guy's plan ive never seen it fail

Edit: anyone who says that they will be reported for not communicating with the team let me point out that you are not required by any rule of the game to respond to what your team says, nor are you required to tell someone anything. (mia being my only exception to this)

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Senior Member


you want tips for reforming?

The best thing i can say is to train yourself to look at every game as a learning experience in terms of your play.

So your top lanes feeding? Maybe you think your jungler plays too passively? How can you take that information, and modify your play to accommodate that?

Maybe it means you have to snowball another lane (if top lanes feeding, and you're the jungler)?
Maybe it means you have to put more effort into making great plays to give your jungler more confidence the calls being made (in the case where your jungler is too passive)?
For everything that goes wrong in a game there is ALWAYS something you can/could have done differently to affect the outcome.
Try focusing more what you could have/should have done differently that would have changed the outcome of that gank/play/fight/game etc. (lolreplay is great for this depending on how serious you are about finding your faults, and fixing/improving them.)

It's very easy to recognize when another is performing below your expectations.It's very easy to think that it's not your problem, or there's nothing you can do.
It's a lot harder to acknowledge your teams weaknesses, and try to make up for them.

(Great example: your jungler sucks. You're playing mid, and jungle is one of your strong roles.
Help your jungler perform his role better. Gank top/bot when you can (with communication, and coordination). Ward their blue when you know it's coming up soon, and spoon feed your jungler their blue buff (by communicating and coordinating the play to steal it - you taking your blue ofc).
You may be sacrificing cs, $$, and experience etc. to do these things - but you are making you're team stronger by compensating for its weakness. You will also be in a great position to lead your team to victory, because they will respect you (assuming you communicate nicely, and respectfully) they will listen to the calls you make.)

Your not going to win every game. But if you do this, it will make you a better player (you'll find things in your own play that you can improve on, that you otherwise may have blamed a teammate for).
And you'll start to enjoy the game not based on whether you win, but the experience as a whole.

I started doing this a long time ago when I became to consumed with winning to enjoy the games without seeing the "victory" screen. It made the game much more enjoyable for me.

Essentially what I'm suggesting isn't going to treat the symptoms of your rage, it's going to curb your rage in general.

good luck