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Questions About Voices

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Let me preface these questions by saying that I love the concept of voice acting. The only thing I look forward to in a new champion before hearing the voice is the splash art (since then I can speculate on how the voice will sound before hearing it). Being as enamored as I am with voice acting, I have a few questions in regards to Riot's use of voice actors. Specifically, how does the process of acquiring a voice actor work for Riot?

Do they just receive demos from agents? Do they send out feelers for specific voices within the local area/voice acting community? Do recording sessions take place in one of Riot's studios, or do the voice actors work exclusively from home studios by themselves? If Riot does play a role in the actual recording process, who is in charge of this kind of thing (who finds the actors/goes through applications, who are the engineers/technicians, so on and so forth)?

Some kind of list that presents every voice actor that has worked for Riot would also be nice since only those that have participated in a community event (such as Erik Braa, Brian Sommer, Christina Vee, Owen Thomas and Adam Harrington who showed up at IPL) have any kind of recognition as far as I've seen.

While I feel that a Rioter would be the most qualified to answer these questions, anyone that can provide some information would be appreciated.