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A story of Angels: quiet whispers, forgotten legends....

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An expanded lore of Morgana and Kayle...

Astora Angelia – An ancient, rare Runeterran legend created eons before present time, passed down through countless millenia and nearly forgotten...

In a dimension far away from Runeterra, there existed a magnificent continent filled with lovely cerulean oceans that expanded farther than the eye could see, with peaceful waves that formed from the soft whisper of gentle ocean breezes, waves which journeyed leisurely along until they broke delicately upon white sandy beaches that stretched undisturbed for miles. The gentle breezes would continue their journey inwards, flowing lightly and carefully across the pristine beaches so as not to disturb the perfectly laid out grains of sand. Further in, the soft yellows of the coast surrendered to an infinite sea of tall strawberry-blonde grasses that waved joyously to greet the arrival of the ocean breeze, and brightly shining trees made of leaves colored of the most golden amber would rustle quietly as the winds passed by on their voyage to nowhere.

In this wonderful, dream-like land there existed a race of angelic creatures who, upon looking at the resplendent landscape that surrounded them, found the world so beautiful that in their hearts they felt a deep longing to create and build for themselves something that could match nature's beauty.

And so the angels constructed incredible buildings and structures that towered impossibly high into the hazy azure skies above. They built magnificent cities and created incredible technologies designed to meet the wants and needs of every creature. and even discovered arcane magics capable of transporting them vast distances into worlds beyond. And after they had built this mighty civilization, the angels decided to christen this stunning world with the name Astora Angelia, and they lived on in peaceful prosperity.

According to legend, the story stops here, satisfied that the inhabitants of this world lived happily ever after. But like a child roaming a cranberry field and picking only the finest, ripest berries she could see, legends also often ignored the reality and only weaved a tale composed of the finest moments in history. Reality was often much different.

A powerful angel named Kayle, after taking in all her race had created, believed that they had finally achieved something that could match the wonder of mother nature. But when she finally stopped to take a look at the world around her, she found that those shining trees of golden amber leaves had been cut down, the strawberry-blonde grasses had been paved over with massive square constructions, and the cerulean oceans had turned black, drained of all of it's once-abundant resources.

What's more, she saw that the beautiful creations some angels made became coveted by others who did not have the skill to make them, and as resources became depleted, the strong angels took from the weak, the mighty cities engulfed the smaller ones, and the cunning took advantage of those more trusting of others.

Horrified by what her civilization had done, Kayle gathered all the angels before her, and with her powerful voice and eloquence, convinced them to open their eyes to the reality of the world around them. The angels listened, and indeed saw the truth of Kayle's message, and became ashamed at what they had done.

And so, under Kayle's righteous leadership, the angels agreed to became frozen in time – they agreed to stop constructing their magnificent buildings, stop inventing incredible technologies, and to stop the progress of civilization, in order to end all conflict and preserve what was left of the nature around them.

Inspired by their new epiphany, Kayle began to lead her angels into other worlds and dimensions in order to spread their new ideology, to make other civilizations see the truth of what they themselves had discovered.

But the other civilizations did not all conform to what the angels wanted them to believe. In fact, many had even scoffed at Kayle's ideology and even attempted to resist and expel what they saw as foreign invaders into their worlds. Kayle was confused by all this, and consumed by her blind zeal, refused to accept that there were some who did not agree to the obvious truths she herself saw.

After centuries of this changeless and static existence, there were even some in Astora Angelia who began to believe that Kayle's vision was misguided, including her own sister, Morgana.

Morgana had come to believe in her own ideology. She believed that the idea of beauty was subject to the beliefs of one's own perspective, and that it was actually the progress of civilization, the freedom to take what nature provided and to make something incredible out of it, that was their true destiny. Unlike Kayle, she believed that mother nature was not in fact perfect nor absolute, and that civilizations should be allowed to undergo it's ebbs and flows, to change and evolve with the passing of years, decades, centuries, and millennia.

Many angels, disillusioned by centuries of a static existence, became convinced that Morgana's ideology was right, and that they should be free to once again advance civilization and to live as they desired, to balance the suffering and joy that came from civilization.

Kayle was both infuriated and heartbroken at this betrayal by her own sister, and became consumed with the desire to either unite her people, or wipe clean the dissenters to her ideology. Morgana, to her fault, also refused to compromise her own ideals. And so, the once pristine world of Astora Angelia became engulfed in a war between two distinct factions: a majority faction led by Kayle, and a rebel faction led by Morgana.

This civil war raged on for ten thousand years, consuming Astora Angelia in ruin and destruction. In the end, Kayle was victorious, and her forces captured Morgana and forced her to stand trial for her execution.

But Kayle, still having love for her sister, did not want to destroy Morgana, and instead declared she should be sent to a far away dimension to live out the rest of her days in exile, never again being permitted to walk upon the lands of Astora Angelia.

With Kayle's judgment complete, Morgana was expelled from her world, and Kayle shed tears of sorrow at how far her sister had fallen. Morgana, traveling through countless dimensional portals, eventually came to rest after many years on a distant plane with it's own young and developing civilization. This was to become her place of eternal exile.

But Morgana's story did not end there....she still felt sorrow for those of her faction now forced to live an empty existence under what she believed to be Kayle's tyranny, and she promised herself that she would traverse this new world in search of the knowledge, wisdom, and power she needed to truly challenge and defeat her powerful sister, and that one day she would return to Astora, defeat her sister, and make her see the truth of her own ideology so that her angelic realm could prosper and advance once more like it deserved.

Morgana knew that her impetuous actions would not go unnoticed by her sister however, and so she prepared herself for an epic confrontation between two powerful angels that would take place on this blissfully ignorant but strange world called....