Cimex, The Many

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This guy is like a huge mound of insects that work together. A humanoid (or not) walking colony of bugs. They aren't smart, and are hard to direct, as they are thinking as one without a central figure other than the summoner to guide them.

The character is intended to be a counter to hard initiators, like Amumu or someone that Blitz would be afraid to pull.

The passive are the bugs themselves, who are constantly swarming around allies. This works like a tenacity aura, increasing tenacity (not slow resist) in all allies in the surrounding area . The idea is the bugs help the stunned person, forcing him/her faster from the stun. Cimex himself should be very hard to stun / cc / slow (or even throw in the air if possible).

The character's challenge should be about controlling him. As he cannot/does not control himself well.


Any time an enemy target is available, it gets a Q hovering above it. Pressing Q will make the colony jump as a swarm and attack the target. The whole colony takes flight and lands on the target, like a stream of water. This lowers their attack speed and movement speed and does radial area damage (more on the target and less the further away) and damage over time on the target.

Any time an ally is available it gets a W hovering above it. Pressing W will make Cimax jump near the ally and grant the ally, MR and Defense, and cleansing them, also, the target gets a thornmail like protection, giving damage back to those that are attacking it. The idea is that the swarm tries to aggressively protect someone as it would protect their own. Leveling this ability also grants Cimex himself a thornmail like aura.

Pressing Q or W, when there are no targets available, will make Cimax jump in the direction of the nearest Enemy/Allied structure, doing his Q splash damage on landing. This can be his escape or chase move.

When there is more than 1 ally or one enemy targets present, the targets are selected at random. Pressing E will allow the player to refresh these targets until suitable targets are selected. The E ability should have a short cooldown. This is the inherent weakness of the character and it's meant to represent its chaotic hard-to-control nature.

Also, he is a ranged attacker, but he will only attack the target with the Q hovering above it. If the Q target moves out of range of the attack, and it's time to do an attack, it will randomly attack another target. So you have to use the E, even to last hit.

As the ultimate, Cimex, latches on to the nearest target, enemy or ally, granting doing an extra Q or W respectively, forms a balls, screams loudly and explodes into a massive swarm of insects in a dome area slightly larger than his passive, that do damage over time and can still perform his abilities. He is almost intangible and cannot be damaged other than by aoe. The summoner releases a lot of his control over Cimex, letting him just attack all enemies. In this form he does not do any normal DPS.

In this form he becomes a living aura.

When he returns to normal, he should appear near the person he latched too. In this form, he cannot Q or W if there are no targets present.

If this character proves to be too powerful, another gimmick can be introduced. When using an ability, Q or a W, if you use the other ability (Q or W), it will not be as effective, as part of the colony is already busy. If you move too far from the target. The colony will disengage, and the abilities' effect will end. The idea is that the more tasks you give to the colony the more divided its power will be. This can also mean that using abilities will reduce the Cimex own damage and thornmail aura. This nerf can probably be disregarded during the ultimate.

Even if not used, this nerfing idea can mean that the character can have a mechanic where it grows and shrinks in size as it uses his abilities and their effect wears off, which represents the motions of the insects.

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