Shaco: Tradeoffs (Riot staff, please read)

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Vox Burakkuhoru

Senior Member


I understand that Shaco is going to be nerfed in his Ganking skills. I was wondering if there would be any trade off to buff his mid-late game skills... which there almost aren't any. And when I say almost aren't any, I mean his skills aren't effective in late game play. Box's die in one hit from anyone mid-late game. Deceive is almost always used to escape late game. Two shiv is only used as poke (Get for cleaning up, but only for the assist due to the slow proc)

Increase the damage/fear/health of his boxes would be an example of mid-late game help.
Or attack speed debuff with two shiv would be another late game buff.
Have his clone be controllable after death along with using all of his skills would be another example of mid to late game buffs.

These aren't suggestions, but examples. I was wondering if Riot was going to work on tradeoffs for his early game into his mid to lage game.

Thank you, please Riot staff respond. I don't mind if it's negative or positive.