Taco the Dragon Productions: Erik the Kinetic Warlord

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Taco the Dragon

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Erik is a tank that specializes in abosrbing damage, then dealing colossal damage by releasing the stored damage.


Kinetic Absorbing Armor: The damage that Erik's armor reduces is stored where is mana bar should be, increasing his ability power by 35% of the amount. He can have a maximum of 1000 energy.
Kinetic Force: Erik sends out a ball in a skill shot that explodes and deals damage based on Erik's current stored energy.
Damage: 60 / 100 / 140 / 180 / 220 magic damage. (+0.5 per ability power.) (+1 per Kinetic point.)
Cool down: 2 seconds.
Mechanics: Has a small width, but has a large blast radius when it hits an enemy.
Kinetic Theivery: Erik steals the energy of all nearby enemies, slowing their attack speed and movment speed and granting Erik kinetic energy based on how much he steals.
Slow: 20 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 50% over 2 seconds.
Cool down: 22 seconds
Hyper Kinetic Shield: Erik creates a shield around him that blocks incoming damage and has Erik store every point of damage delt to him as Kinetic energy.
Shield: 100 / 200 / 300 / 400 / 500 (+0.25 per ability power.) Shield is unaffected by your armor.
Cool down: 22 seconds.
Kinetibangs: Erik is holding 3 empty balls that can store kinetic energy. They have a super low cool down but work similar to an ammo system. The first 3 casts save your current Kinetic energy inside a ball. When you store 3 balls, the next 3 spells will deal damage depending on the energy stored when you casted the spell the first 3 times.
Stored: 50 / 80 / 100% of energy stored as magic damage.
Cool down between casts: 10 seconds.