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Do you like the idea of this skin?

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[Skin Concept] Bankplank

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Junior Member


Yes I know this skin has been requested a large amount of times but I want to go all out on some good idea's / what the skin to look like. So to start off I think it would suit as a legendary skin. (1820RP) Because of the way this will work it will require some special effects.

v The skin v
So with the skin from what I think that he should wear a green tuxedo. Much like The Riddler's.
>> http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/9/9d/Detective140.JPG <<

The Riddler also has little question mark symbols > ? <along the tuxedo.So I thought for gangplank you could
change them into little money signs > $ <

With his beard I think it would be a good idea to sort of have it as a twisted thin mustache like a villain.
>>http://images.search.conduit.com/ImagePreview/q=Thin%20twsited%20moustache&ctid=CT3225826&searchsource=49&start=0&pos=0 <<

While as his hair he would have it nicely combed back much like Elvis Presley's
>> http://images.search.conduit.com/ImagePreview/?q=elvis+presley&ctid=CT3225826&SearchSource=49&FollowOn=true&PageSource=ImagePreview&SSPV=&CUI=&UP=&UM=&start=0&pos=0 <<

His two weapons suitable from my point of view would be a suitcase for his melee *Like Mundo's* And his pistol being a tazer.

His shoes just being a plain old pair of dress shoes.

v The Abilities v

His passive would be just normal.

His [Q] ( Parrrley ) Much like in his original skin how he shots his pistol but instead he has a tazer and it shoots a little electric line.

His [W] ( Remove Scurry ) Should instead of eating oranges he puts his suitcase up above his head and it opens and out falls little donuts that he eats to again remove a Crowd Control effect like normal.

His [E] ( Raise Moral ) Should act like normal just instead he aims his tazer in the air and shoots of a electric shot and yells something along the lines of " The stock prices are rising! "

And finally his ultimate [R] ( Cannon Barrage ) Would instead of having a skull in the middle it's a huge money sign > $ <
And huge coins fall down in place of the cannon balls.

So that just about wraps it up. Let me know what you think of this skin idea and try offer some ways to help improve it.

- Bailey.

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Riddler's not wearing a tux in your link, he's wearing a spandex suit.
link 2 is broken
Stop reminding me that people born after 2000 don't know who Elvis is

Why not make him more of a bank robber with a bag of coins and an Uzi? His ult would drop giant bags of coins that burst on hitting the ground.