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Add a Stun to Fiora's Riposte

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You said "CC shutdown." What do you want, an Olaf ult on all melee carries? I think changing Mercurial Scimitar like you suggest to give a short one would be for the better because it's seldom used, but it's still heavily underrated and really strong when someone knows how to use it.

You could also bring Cleanse since it reduces CC by 65% for three seconds and clears current CC effects.

A good way to deal with being chain-CCed is to build tanky instead of glass cannon. They'll focus you with their CC, and then you're still alive. Even better if you have other people on the team who can actually do damage. It's pretty lame to be front line without any damage in your back line.

Technically, I'm asking for a 1 second Olaf ult on an item suited for Melee ADCs.

I think it can be useful against pinning CC like Veigar's Stun, Malzahar's Ult, Ashe Ult ect, but it doesn't buy much time in a major team-fight.

Cleanse and Tenacity do nothing agaisnt Knock-Up/ Displacement CC.

If I build tanky, I'm no longer playing a Melee ADC: I'm playing a Bruiser who is probably outclassed by real Bruisers I could have picked.

I build Yi as a glass cannon, and if I time going into a team-fight right I have a short window to hit the enemy carries, but can do massive ammounts of damage in that time.

Any itemization I pick up is either about doing more in those few seconds, or adding one or two seconds- Gaurdian Angel is the only defensive item I consider due to how well it can buy time, and only if I'm getting that kind of CC shutdown.

I can agree on the no damage backline thing- it can be frustrating when I become 75% of my team's damage as Melee ADC Yi, and the team completely loses the fight if I die early.

Melee ADCs like to have strong Ranged ADCs because the rADCs force the enemy to use some CC to initiate rather than wait for the mADC.