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Loyal player begging for an answer from the devs

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This is golden im laffing to much

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You guys will never agree. Ever. Stop please.

I think our discussion has been rather civil with the exception of one frustrated response while I was still a bit hot under the collar immediately following the game. And in the end we don't have to agree if we take something away with us from what the other person said it was worthwhile.

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SeCKS Egai

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I've played faithfully for years, bought boosts and skins, supported this game as I could. That means something in this day and age when salaries are hard fought and securing a position in your company means something. That said can someone at riot please explain to me how someone makes it to lvl 30 with 3 wins much less a set of players who both have 3 wins at lvl 30 are still playing ranked as a duo q team?
This is your brand... don't you have any real invested interest in protecting that brand? A freshman at any school worth talking about could write an algorithm to find such obvious behavior. The question to be answered is how much have they spent to make you look the other way. I will link the game history for anyone who doubts the validity of this claim.


Look for the two players who play together

If it took me 3 minutes to do this research why is it that people paid to protect the name of your produsct havn't seen that between them they have 3 ranked wins and 20 losses this ratio isn't explainable by a lack of skill if one looks at their normal game w/l ratios

As someone who's hardly stepped into ranked (was here for tail end of season 1, was playing a different game till the end of season 2, and no season 3 ranked runs) you may take what i say with a grain of salt. (I do still have more norm and dom wins tho

However, while bad teammates can easily lead to a loss - they aren't the only factor. I lost a co-op dom for the first time ever just yesterday. If I hadn't started lagging so badly, I would have easily made up the slack though for the two low level teammates that were struggling.

You can't control who you're teamed with - however you are in control of your actions, whether it be your pick or role at the start of the game, or what you could or should have done to give your team the edge in team fights.

I joined a friend the other day for a norm - The team comp was horrid, no junglers, and a garen/trynd bot, with a riven and (I forget) top. Bot was easily dominated and we were 0-9 before 10 min. I was on Karth mid, and in trying to help other lanes I only got myself behind.

By the end of the game, we were over 10 kills behind. We actually won, even though they were fed better and far more coordinated. I adapted a suicidal tanky karth to kill who I could or soften up everyone that was left to a point where my team could finish them off. Not only did the champ pick facilitate the win, I had adapted to filling the tank role since no one else would, even though its not what my champ's designed for.

While one can place blame on bad teammates - you can't control that. If your teammates are lousy, chances are so is the other side. Setting up your teammates for success will net you more wins than simply blaming them for failure.