Thaher - The Terror Of The Earth

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Important notes!:
-PLEASE know that, as with every suggested champ, everything about them is subject to change, let it be their abilities, name, or lore.
-Thaher's wormlings come from his ultimate, so don't get confused if an ability states something about his wormlings and you haven't read the ultimate ability yet!
-I'm not sure what the costs of the abilities should be. Tell me your thoughts!
-I have not written in the % of AD / AP he scales with.

Name: Thahar (pronounced thay-her), The Terror Of The Earth

Play Style: Tanky, single-targeting abilities, melee, fighter. I'd like him to scale with AD rather than AP.

Burst: Thaher needs a few seconds to prepare his abilities for a high output of burst damage. Burst = 7/10

Sustain: Thaher's Surprise! allows him to go through minion waves quickly, even more so when he's fed because of it's AoE on monsters/minions and cooldown getting reduced if he kills a target. Sustain = 6/10

Survivability: Thaher is especially survivable in combat when he has his ultimate up. He can Burrow when in danger. Survivability = 6/10

Appearance: Worm like. He will look like Kog'Maw but brownish, and without limbs. He will resemble Cassiopeia in the way he moves. He will not be long and thin. Thaher has spiky teeth.


Hunger (passive):
When Thaher uses an ability on an enemy champion, he (and only he) gains vision on them for 6 seconds. During this time, he also gains <0.66 per level>% Lifesteal and <1 per level>% Spellvamp

Passive: Thahar gains 6/12/18/24/30 armor and magic resist.

Active: Thaher and his wormlings burrow themselves into the ground, becoming stealthed and untargetable for 6 seconds (damage over time effects still work). During this time, he and his wormlings have 14/13/12/11/10% reduced movement speed. He can reactive this ability to come back out of the ground. Thaher and his wormlings cannot attack while burrowed. If Thaher selects an enemy to attack underground, he and his wormlings travel to the enemy before normally coming out of the ground again.

Cooldown: 17/16/15/14/13 seconds.

Thaher and his wormlings fly / leap a short distance to a selected enemy, dealing 75/155/195/235 damage on impact + 30/60/90/120/150 damage per wormling. While burrowed, the range of this ability is increased and units from where Thahar (and only Thaher) are feared for 0.3/0.6/0.9/1.2/1.5 seconds. If this ability is cast on a minion or monster, Thaher's worms land around the target dealing damage in the area. If a unit is killed, the cooldown of this ability is reduced by 1 second.

Cooldown: 16 seconds.

Passive: Thaher's wormlings slow targets they attack by 3/6/9/12/15%

Active: Thaher's wormlings gain 25/35/45/55/65 movement speed for 5 seconds. (Thaher's wormling's base movement speed are exactly the same as total movement speed of Thaher himself)

Worm Nest:
This ability is learned at level 1.

Passive: Each time Thaher kills a unit, he readies a wormling. This can only occur once every <insert time here>. Thaher can have a maximum of 2/3/4/5 wormlings at once. Wormlings attack targets Thaher attacks, but do significantly less damage and have less health. These wormlings are much smaller than Thaher, and can be killed.

When this ability has a point spent in it at level 6+, he may activate Chomp when this ability's passive is on cooldown.

Active (Chomp): Can only be cast when Thaher is burrowed. Thaher charges a short distance to a target area while underground. Upon arrival, the ground of the affected area sinks in and Thaher's jaws open up and chomp where the area was selected, dealing damage before coming out of the ground. If any enemy (minion/monster/champion) dies from this ability, Thaher heals himself for a percentage its maximum health. Enemies who don't die are also feared for <0.75 or 1> second. Thaher's worms do not charge with Thaher, but follow him with normal speed (unless affected by ability 3)

Cooldown: 165/135/115

You can fight in different ways with Thaher. In a perfect scenario, it should go something like this:

1: You kill an enemy/neutral unit to put your ultimate's passive on cooldown and enable Chomp
2: You activate <ability 3>
3: Your wormlings attack and slow your enemy before you get there, so you can chase them easier.
4: You activate Surprise! and leap towards the target, dealing damage.
2: You activate Burrow (by now, you should have lost a little health)
6: You activate Chomp to fear your target, damage them and heal yourself if you kill anything with it.

Because only either Surprise and your ultimate can be used while your burrowed, you can mix and match your abilities to make a combo that suits you.

Build style:
Thaher should be built with:
-HP items
-Attack speed
-Some critical strike chance
-Cooldown reduction
-Some damage items

Example build:
-Ionan Boots of Lucidity / Mercury Treads
-Phantom Dancer
-Frozen Mallet
-Spirit Visage
-Ravenous Hydra / The Black Cleaver
-Youmuu's Ghostblade

Because of his build style, Thaher should be played either top lane or in the jungle. his tanky-fighterness makes him a top laner, also because of his survivability on his own combined with his sustain, but his Burrow and <third ability> would make him an exceptional jungler.

Riot! Please Respond!

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Leonius C

Junior Member


I like your idea, my only thought is that I don't see a weak point in this champion. Every champion needs some weakness so you don't have one champ wrecking everyone else. I'm willing to accept that there is a weakness I didn't see (I don't always pick up on things). I also don't see the point of increasing wormlings' speed with the third ability if they move with Thaher. On a side note, maybe you could call the third ability something like "Swarm." Just an idea.
An idea for the wormlings is if their max health, armor, attack damage, etc. is 5-10% of Thaher's, further encouraging building in those areas. I like the idea of wormlings, it's pretty original.
Overall, with proper balancing (which I'm sure Riot would do regardless of how good a job you do), this would be a champion I would enjoy seeing in the game.

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When I read this I think of Elise as a worm. Thaher's w should not be an airborne jump. Something else of that sort. it just seems off with that.