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League Of Legends - The Unseen Threat [OPEN RP]

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I was bored and decided to create a mostly plot-driven RP that involves every champion in the League.

Since there aren't an unlimited supply of champions, it will be on a first come, first serve basis. Here is the current list of champions:


-You can add Vi to the list as well

The plot will be separated by "scenarios." Once I feel enough people have RP'ed a given scenario, then we move on to the next one.

Scenario 1:
An ancient and extremely guile and crafty void monster by the name of "Lokk" has entered the world through a portal of unknown origins. Lokk is capable of shape-shifting, not only that, but he's also capable of shape-shifting into, and impersonating each and every champion in the League to perfection. Pick a champion, and describe your encounter with Lokk.

-All RPs should take place in the third person. I.E. Darius went to investigate the strange noise. NOT I went to investigate the strange noise.

-In every post, you must state your champion in bold letters at the top of the RP. (You will see what I mean in my post.)

-We will NOT move on to the next scenario until I say so.

-Remember, champions are on a first come first serve basis, but you may exchange with people as long as it's mutual.

-You may include other champions in your RPs as long as they're not taken. When they are taken, you must consult with said owner of champ before including them in your post.

-Although there is no word limit, try not to post one-liners. And on the flip side, please do not post novels either.

-Have fun!



Bandle City had some rough spots, there was no doubt about that. And it was not only Teemo's duty to protect the city from others, but from themselves as well.

"Teemo! Mister Teemo!"

A young Yordle boy rushed him, tugging on his boots.

"May I have your autograph mister Teemo?!"

The legendary Yordle had a faint blush etched on his cheeks. You would think he would be used to his fame by now, however whenever he met a fan he was truly humbled.

"You're out awfully late aren't you little guy? Well, who should I make it out to?" Teemo asked, unstrapping his bag and leaning the opposite direction to find a piece of paper and a pen.

"Make it out to me! Lokk!" The boy remarked happily.

"Lokk huh? That's a cool name!" Teemo turned to face the boy with a pleasant smile. He began to press his pen against the paper, but then suddenly stopped. "Um...how exactly do I spell that?"

"It's easy!" The boy responded full of cheer. "It's D-I-E!"

In less than an instant, the boy's voice went from that of a cheerful young Yordle, to an extremely sinister and dark tone. Taken aback, Teemo instantly jumped backwards to place distance between himself and the "boy."

"Who are you?" Teemo asked. His sunny disposition was gone, replaced by what his superiors deemed his "other" self. His voice held a gruff, deathly serious undertone to it. Despite this, he was in no position to demand anything, as he had left his blowgun in his bag, and his bag was in front of the "boy" named Lokk.

"Beware of Noxus, for we have set our eyes on Bandle City!" Lokk said. Before Teemo could follow up with another question, the strange "boy" vanished in thin air.

Luckily, the event occurred at the thick of night, and citizens were not able to witness it. But Teemo did. Somehow, someway, he allowed a Noxian to invade his territory, but even so, there were things that just didn't add up. Why would he simply state that he's from Noxus and leave? If he was truly from Noxus, he would have killed Teemo right then and there. Why the hesitation? Unless....

"Looks like I'll have to pay Noxus a visit."

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bump again.

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((...Seems.... Intresting))


Malphite looked around his home, a cave in the side of the Frejord Mountains. He did not mind the cold, as he did not feel any warmth or coldness. "This will have to do..." Malphite slowly walked into his cave but stopped abruptly, sensing movement at the corner of his eye. Turning to the source of the movement, he slowly said in a calm, yet shaky voice. "Who goes there?"

From the shadows came Ashe, the Frost Archer. Malphite was confused, he was absolutely certain that no one knew he lived here. "Ashe, what are you doing here?"

'Ashe' was confused. "Ashe? Whose Ashe?" 'Ashe then looked down at her body and laughed. "Oh, I'm still in this body." The imposter's body then changed into a blob, morphing into the specimen known as 'Lokk.' "Is that better dear Malphite?" Lokk chuckled as he said that.

Malphite went into a battle ready stance, almost certain that the creature would attack and make the first move. "What do you want from me?"

"Oh nothing, I just came to say hi! Now, I'm off to go Shaco!" With a flash of blinding light, it was gone and Malphite was confused.

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Corrupted Sniper

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((And now I would have to think...))


Blood flowed and corruption traverses the veins and the vessel. It was another day on the hunt near the god forsaken borderline of Navori. One of the southern provinces of Ionia. His target: The nearby Noxian patrol that is responsible for the patrol and protection of the border from possible invaders. If such circumstances could even still be considered the dawn before the League match is set to occur. But yes, their station is necessary, because the arrow of retribution is set on them tonight, fleeting. For their crimes would not go unpunished and names are printed on the bloody list. Which is why Varus decided to make his move, little does he know however, that his guerrilla tactics was put to a halt by none other then himself. Though as of now, our redeemer simply drew his breath, and focused on his prey. There were roughly a number of 10-15 patrol guards and they took turns in their patrol, usually in a group of 5 or more. However such encampments perhaps served no greater purpose other then the excuse of a wider invasion should Ionia retaliate, but when the match comes? Cannon fodder truly.

The first arrow was given to the sleeping man in the tent. His snore betrayed his position, the second was given to the man beneath him, just about to pull his sword and sound the alarm. five died in an unholy amount of arrow shower and the rest died in the spread of corruption. However, something doesn't seem right and it is with curiosity that our revenge seeking friend made his presence known in the last tent, where the last man was slain... By himself. Varus glared at the being in front of him and the thing glared back at him. Like a mirror. But it is with words that balance have been broken.

"Hate and vengeance filled you like no other indeed, but why is it that you must take lives in such uncreative ways?" The being in front of him questioned, with deep curiosity and, something of a condescending nature. Varus didn't respond, but threw his chains of corruption forward, in hopes of holding the monstrosity in place.

Despite the well aimed shot, the being disappeared like a shadow, and revealed itself once more, in another shape causing the chain to miss. A sweet innocent voice echoed "Aww... I was just asking a question~" The dark voice came at last from the corrupted man's tongue "Who are you?" The girl in front of him simply giggled. "I am wearing a disguise right now Mr Varus. So it's a secret~"
only a few sec passed that the being began to speak with a tone full of excitement "Hey hey, I'll let you in on something." Varus simply prepared himself for combat and readied his arrow. "You know the upcoming league match Mr Varus?" The young girl squealed. "Why?" "The horrible people from Zaun and Noxus are all gathered and ready, the most mean of them."

Varus was rather puzzled, here he was lacking a source of information but the being in front of him just threw him an answer, it is with suspicion that he asked his last question of the day. "What do you want from me?" And It is with this that the girl disappeared and was replaced by an unspeakable horror. "I am lacking a piece in my game. The rest? Figure it out yourself" The last deep echo faded, the being twisted and bended onto itself and simply vanished from the plane of existence.

"The League of Legends... Perhaps it is wise to make a trip there quicker, for the match soon to occur." Varus prepares himself for the long journey up ahead and what awaits after it, remains to be seen. Althrough the man never made it on time, it is with this journey he became one of the League's most newest additions. The arrow of retribution.

(( Story isn't my best department. So please bear with me and just tell me if I screwed up...))