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[Olaf] Blood and Thunder! Victory at Sea!

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Kaboom Hammer



Burning Rose:
Not quite.

Take Olaf's name.

Now add a "g" in there somewhere.

Now do a google search.

That's all I'm going to give you. I think a direct link might be a bannable offense, lol.

Yeah. I would advise against a direct link. But that was some funny stuff.
+1 to the guide, and loved the Olaf quotes in guide, spiced it up.

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just tried it....well my runes and masteries are a bit different but either way funniest story...i run in behind top solo rene with like 3 bars of hp...vicious strike him he runs into bush turns around and stuns me and i have 1 bar of hp left....turn on vicious strikes smack smack smack dead rene never even got to me again...made me lol.