Bugs and how annoying they are

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Phantom Eternum

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Hi, im a guy who plays League yeah we pretty much all do but as of last patch my game has been very very buggy by that i mean its randomly crashed or it won't load games.The most obvious thing that has happened is that i join a game and get through Queue and champ select and it says "Game still in progress" i didn't know what to do so i waited about 15 minutes and then shut league off and then restarted it. It then said the usuall you have left a game in progress click to reconnect.....i did and it just minimized the client. SOOO I have come to the forums to ask what i should do and to see if any riot employees have anything to help. I love this game and have spent so much tme on it its a shame to just leave it. And yes this happens everygame i join please rea dna dgive some suggestions