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Pre-selected roles for solo ranked que

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I would like to spread the idea of a pre-selected role solo que, by that i mean before you go in que for solo ranked you are able to select your wanted roles. This would allow people to play their wanted roles without the fear of it being called by someone that has higher pick than them.

-People are able to secure their favorite roles without fighting with the rest of the team for the role.

-There maybe the chance that one role is not wanted as much as others making ques longer as they are waiting for a role such as jungle to be avaliable;

Example 1.
If on a selected day there was 10,000 players that que for ranked. Lets say of those;

3000- Want top.
2250- Want mid.
2250- Want support
500- Want jungle
2000- Want ADC
This would make the ques for people who want top greater than that of a jungler. As there would be a shortage of junglers avaliable at the time. An idea of stopping this/preventing it maybe.
Having a system that can read how many roles are being called, what role has the least amount of people, Compared to the role that has the most. There could be a reward for players that go the role that is needed most by this i mean-

Example 2
If on a selected day there was 500 players that que for ranked. lets say of those;
75- want top
125- want mid
100- want jungle
200- want ADC
0- Want support
There would be a system that gives players who at that time que as support a little bonus reward, such as bonus ip or maybe a couple extra LP. This would encourage people to que for that role.

There is always the problem of having non-meta teams, This may be included in the roled selection as having the option ( Jungle/ Duo top), ( Double/Mid) but then this may be a problem as the other people in the team, ADC/Top/Support may not want to play with double mids or so. ( I have not figured out a solid solution to this problem)

Thank you for reading, Please leave feed back to make this idea better.
And please riot take this into consideration.

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Death By A Bunny

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This idea could never work, not just because some roles are far more coveted than others, but also because this would further add strain to the server while queueing players. The server would have to keep a list for every role in the game and have players listed there. It would then have to coordinate wanted positions along with rankings from these role lists, and that's all just too much of a pain to simply band players together and would dramatically increase queue times, especially for non-meta teams.

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Oh how much I would love to see this!

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This is what WoW did a long time ago and people loved it, but mostly those of us who were Tanks/Healers. I hated to queue as a DPS unless it was with someone who was tanking or healing lol