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kayle new skin model looks too small compare to other champs!

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0Barack Obama0



ok so i just bought the Kayle new skin, though it looks awesome and all, i do notice that the model is way too small when she lands on the ground.

so Riot, is the small model of the new Kayle skin intended, or just a bug?

it bothers me to see the new kayle skin model is so much smaller when compared it with her old skin model or other champions. can you fix it please?

also, regarding her upcoming rework, can you please tell us when will it be done?

i do have a few thoughts about her current abilities. i think that we should make her a permanently ranged champ, but lower her righteous fury duration to 8 sec and its AD ratio to 30%. also, her passive is somewhat useless right now because it's hard to stack 5 hits in most of the situations. so how about change it 4% per attack and let it stack up 4 times?
The last change i would like to see is an ap ratio buff for her divine blessing from 35% to 45%. i think these changes will make kayle more viable as a support when stacking AP, but more strictly a ad carry when stacked AD.

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Junior Member


Hahaha you just spent $20 on a skin.
gg no re