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Elo climb

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Ric The Dazzler

Junior Member


So, real quick post here. In short I am looking for a duo queue partner. I usually support my friend who is at a 1450+/- elo, but he isnt around for a couple weeks. I have played several games, and found myself in a slip falling from 1220+/- down to the high 1000's. I need someone to queue with. Too many people 'experimenting' i ranked. Ranked isnt a time for trying out new champs, and people do not grasp that. For example, I just finished a game as teemo.....I went 3/6, there was a Xerath talking **** the whole time about how terrible I was......I had the highest k/d on teams, and least deaths.......he finished 4/12.........and he was the second best on team.

There is no way to get out of this elo in solo. I have played about 200 games this year, and it isnt happening. Hit me up if you wanna queue with me.


Thanks guys