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[Item Concept] Stone of Fortitude.

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XerXes Bot

Junior Member


Preface: This is more to test the actual Idea behind it. The numbers can be tweaked

Stone of fortitude: 1200 Gold
200 Health
25 Armor

Unique Passive: Forge of Hephaestus: 5% of armor penetration on this unit is negated.

Builds from Cloth armor and Ruby crystal.

Thoughts on the passive? Again, the numbers can be tweaked

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Bad Idea, pointless complexity for no real reason, and makes it way too specific, the counter to flat armor penetration SHOULD be armor, black cleaver kinda messes with that right now as its just insanley good along with masteries and its flat pen, as it is thats why everyone and there mother is just buying health becuase armor is ****

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Senior Member


Yeah, just having more armor would do the trick, and wouldn't need to add a new mechanic to the game.
Personally, I think it'd be cool if an item had an active like:
+30 armor for 5s, 30s cd.