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[Banned 4 A Reason] [BANN] Team Auditions

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Desperate Izzy



So i am thinking of making a team, already in a team but due to school and work my team is never on at the same time. I need to play in a team that can meet up (be on at the same time) and has free time on their shoulders, a team that isn't just not feeling it today, but a committed team that can play regularly and probably daily, we'll see how it goes.

Anyways what i need: 8 other players that can commit to the team and play on a schedule, we will have to set this up and make sure it works for at least 5 of our members, so at least half of the recruits.

What you should have:

1) be able to hold your own weight, do well in your lane...i will be the judge of that

2) be flexible enough to play at least 2/5 roles effectively

3) have at least 150 wins

4) elo rating doesn't matter but if you think you can carry, we could use a carry...XD

5) DO NOT RAGE AT EACH OTHER (i hate fighting inbetween members and i don't want to deal with people making others uncomfortable or what it may be)

6) your skype, so we can properly communicate in game

7) e-mail address, so we can setup a schedule

well i hope to make yet another awesome team...last team we didn't even scratch the surface, we only have 2 W and 0L, so maybe this team we can go in deeper and achieve something great.