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Cant log in

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Junior Member


Downloaded the game and wanted to try it out but its saying "The server is currently busy. Please try again later." It said the same thing about a month ago when I first tried to log in.

edit: and why is my name wcqNeu49MvoF3CRT?

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Emissary of the League


You chose your account name, you'll choose your summoner name (i.e., what players see) when you log in. Until then you have a placeholder.

As for not being able to log in? Hmmm, I'd try the following first. If that fails to work, post in the Help & Support forum.

Wrenchmen's Toolbox

Server Status: Unavailable/Busy
1. The servers are actually down, check The Server Status Forum, there's usually an announcement.
2. You need to Enable Scripting.
3. Restart your computer
4. Your Internet Explorer is in Offline Mode, change it.
5. You're set to use a proxy server, turn it off, Internet Options -> Connection -> Lan Settings -> Set to Auto Detect
6. Turn off Certificates in IE, IE Options > Advanced > Restore Advanced Settings, IE Options > Advanced > Uncheck "Check for server certificate authentication"
7. Run through the other Windows & IE Troubleshooting in the KB
8. Try powercycling (restarting) your modem.
9. Reset your Internet Security Settings, Internet Options->Advanced->Reset Button
10. Make sure your computer's clock is synced
11. Try this Fix from Microsoft
12. Uninstall Pando Media Booster