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A few suggestions for Custom Game lobbies

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Demonic Instinct

Senior Member


So I've recently played a lot of custom game lobbies and I have a couple suggestions to make the games slightly more bearable, at least for our ARAM players until this mysterious "ARAM Queue" gets here (if it does.)

Suggestion #1
Remove the Quit button from champion select (or give an option to remove it.)

As someone who likes to play ARAM every day, there is nothing more frustrating than dealing with numerous games after another where you can't start the game because someone either instantly dodges the lobby, or waits until the countdown gets low and quits. If the button wasn't there, the dodger would be forced to close the game client to dodge, and would have to re-log. While this wouldn't stop people from dodging, it would certainly make it more of a pain to do so, instead of just having the "I don't want to play this champion 'Quit' button in the lobby."

Suggestion #2
Allow the host to auto ban/blacklist players who dodge champion select.

A game host already has the option to ban a player from the game, so it would be a convenient feature if we were able to auto ban/blacklist players who dodge. This would allow you to play and once you dealt with a player who had the hobby of dodging once, you would not have to worry about that player again. If said player tried to join a lobby created by you later on down the line, they would receive a message telling them that they have been blacklisted by the host. Of course there could be some sort of method of managing the players on this list, or a way of removing them in the case that a player is blacklisted unintentionally.

As you can see both these suggestion have to deal with ways to combat game dodging, as that is probably the biggest issue with custom games at the moment. When I start a game and see my champion which I've randomly been given, I actually don't even expect to play it because the majority of the time someone will dodge.