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Why is trundle so under-rated?

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Slippery Fat Man

Senior Member


I picked him up and started playing him, and i think he's an amazing jungler, the ganks are amazing the clear time is quite good, so i dont understand why people call him bad and dont like him? i picked him in a ranked game and someone said "omg please not trundle!"

Want a real reason? Trundle doesn't clear that well. He clears ok but no where near in comparison to many other junglers. His mana pool is unbelievably tiny. You do your q and couple times with a w and ult and you won't have enough mana for your e. His e is also really bad. Many people are able to close gaps despite his e being in the way. His ganks are lower than subpar. Not only does udyr clear faster but he is never picked because he clears kinda meh and is completely useless because of how easy it is to kite him. He also has a stun over trundle. Trundle has no cc other than didlo wall and that is the softest CC ever. To make the claim that oh, he has red though, doesn't matter because he has no way of getting closer. Trundle is just bad NOW because of everything else that has been released since him. It's power creep. New junglers do a better job and with newer jungle changes he became useless. When he was first released, sustain was needed in the jungle. Now you really don't need to worry about sustain as much. Being next to topped off in the jungle is easy. Lot's of reasons why he is bad. I wouldn't use him either. Though I would love for him to be good again.


I forgot to mention how useless his ult is now. Penetration has become way more potent. His ultimate reduces resistances. People build HP since MR and armor have been reduced in their efficiency and value. HP is a more valuable stat. Penetration is retarded with BC now. Also, dragon and baron CANNOT be reduced with their resistances. His ultimate renders him useless.