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Karma ? Seen, play, misc. Multiple selection-voting!

Never seen one never been one 1 6.25%
One time seen-(champions spotlight don't count) 0 0%
A Few 5 31.25%
Every where. even in tournaments 0 0%
I Main Her 3 18.75%
Occasional Play 4 25%
Once or twice 2 12.5%
Jungle Karma-Only Phreak Can 1 6.25%
I can also Jungle Karma 1 6.25%
AP Karma 6 37.5%
Support Karma 5 31.25%
There exists only one Karma Player 0 0%
Maybe 2 2 12.5%
Definitly more than that 2 12.5%
Looking forward to the rework 3 18.75%
Not looking forward to the rework 2 12.5%
I have gotten a pentakill(or more) with karma 0 0%
What is this thread even about..... 3 18.75%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters 16 .

Karma is good for your karma-or is it...

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Senior Member


I heard this was the forum games forum so i put a forum game into your forum so.....

How often do you see a karma. and if so is it good for your karma

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Senior Member


I main Karma, and have a pentakill as her.


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Junior Member


I have all the Karma skins!

I'm nervous about the rework, but mostly excited.