champions rito needs to take a look at

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before anyone rages, i'm not saying any of these champions deserve a kick in the balls nerf. im saying their kits are a little bit too good.

with that said, here goes nothing.

1 Tryndamere- what the guy lacks in early game, he makes up for retardedly strong late game. you can shut the guy down 0/10 and yet, all he has to do is farm, and by 200 farm he can most likely either shrek 2-3 of your teammates in a fight before you kill him because of his ult. and if you waste your precious cc on him, there goes their enemy carry slapping your team silly. or he can endlessly split push and never suffer consequences because of his ult/spin/heal combo(forgive me for not knowing the button presses off the top of my head). he's the only tank in the game who doesn't have to build tanky at all. he can just get IE shiv and BT and faceroll a whole team. A fix for his ultimate would be a damage threshold(800 level 1, 1600 level 2, 2500 level 3.)

2.Fiddlesticks- this guy's not as bad as everyone makes him out to be, but he's still a little bit on the too strong side. the only real problem I have with him is that his fear is point and click with no delay. at least with say hecarim, or nocturne you have a chance to escape the fear by getting out of range. this paried with fiddle's q means if you're unlucky enough to be anywhere near the guy, you can't even flash out because you're feared/silenced so long, and its a free kill for the fidds. maybe lower the ap scaling on his ult to make it not an instant gg if he decides to ult from one of the MILLIONS of blind spots that you can't possibly ward on the map.

3 Yasuo- this one's a no brainer. right now his windwall just negates all ranged attacks coming in his GENERAL direction. it may as well just delete damage from the game. the way to fix this is to set a limit on HOW MUCH the windwall can block. maybe say 3AA's or abilities together. this would make a yasuo at least show some discretion when rushing in on a ranged heavy team.

tl;dr give fiddle's fear, trynd's ult, and yasuo's w a look please rito