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Another Kayle thread.

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I'm not here to complain about the particles, lack of new quotes, or anything down that alley.
I'm here to wonder about the art, solely the art.

Let's all take a look through the pre-existing Kayle skins, shall we?
-Kayle is a bad ass
-Kayle doesn't take **** from anyone
-Kayle knows how to dress for battle
-Kayle doesn't want to seduce you, she wants to put down some justice
-Kayle is powerful and mighty
-And I'm gonna go ahead and say that when she's in her full battle regalia she terrifies me more than Darius

So why, please tell me, why her art came out this way.
-I'm not scared of this girl with a pretty face and a nice body.
-This dainty little thing isn't going to kick my ass, I'm probably going to kick hers.
-Armor? Ha! Apparently that's useless now.

If femininity is something we're worried about, check out Battleborn Kayle. She's gorgeous but she's also about knock my head off. She didn't give up the safety of her full blown armor just to catch my eye. Kayle has always been a character of strength, like League's Lady Justice. Her character's role isn't to seduce me before the match starts. She's kicking ass and taking names. If this were an Ahri skin, a Miss Fortune skin then cool! Perfect! But Riot seems to have lost sight of that. I know this has been discussed before extensively, and we were promised change. Maybe not immediately, but we'd definitely see future change. Well, guys, you're losing it.

I think what we have here is a case of the Irelias. Irelia's hot and also a bad ass. Then we have Frostblade Irelia, aka "dat ass".
What happened, Riot?
Where did my sexy, strong women go? Where are my power stances? Where did all of this go?

We had it before and we can have it again. Give up the charade, give me some goddamn powerful women coming to rip me apart.