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[NA] - Starting Ranked Team - Seeking friendly, innovative, chill people

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1) boagstradomus (at sign) gmail (period) com - sorry, want to avoid spam

2) Boagster

3) MaskedByGuile

4) My least preferred role is Jungler, not because I dislike playing the role, but because most random teammates in matchmaking expect you to gank non-stop (which will set you behind if ganks don't result in kills), expect you to keep them alive (even when you are on the other side of the map), don't understand that ganks don't need to end in kills to be successful (hey, I made them blow flash and go back, you can free farm now!) and generally blame everything on the jungler. With an organized team, this should be irrelevant.

5) I am a niche-filler - always have been, always will be. Because of this, I tend to play Support and am most comfortable in that role, but can fill any other position fine. A list of champions and the lanes/roles I am comfortable with them in (bolded names mean I own them; underlined names mean I am beyond just comfortable with them; otherwise, I've played many times during free weeks and will buy as necessary):

Ahri - mid, top
Alistar - support
Amumu - jungle
Anivia - mid
Ashe - adc
Caitlyn - adc
Cho'gath - top
Darius - top, jungle
Diana - mid, top, jungle
Draven - adc
Evelynn - mid
Galio - top, mid, jungle
Irelia - top
Jax - top, jungle
Leona - support
Nami - support
Nautilus - jungle, support
Nocturne - jungle
Nunu - support
Orianna - mid
Rengar - top, jungle
Rumble - top, mid
Ryze - mid
Singed - top
Sivir - adc
Soraka - support
Swain - top, mid
Taric - support, learning top
Teemo - top
Urgot - top, adc
Zilean - mid, support

That is not a list of all the champions I own, nor is it a list of all the champions I have played. Those are all the champions I am comfortable taking into a ranked game. Looking to add either Vi or Riven to my top lane champions (waiting to see if Vi nerfs come before deciding), as well as Shaco and Rammus to my jungling repertoire and Leona to the champions I own.

I am in the Eastern timezone. Have plenty of free time right now with no rigid schedule, though that may change in the future.

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1) [email]FireInMyLungz@gmail.com[/email]
2) FireInMyLungz
3) Justin.Jauod
4) AP builds, Support roles etc.
5) I'm a real competitive team player who is willing to be dedicated and loyal to those on my side. I'm a great communicator, swift learner, full of potential as well as motivation. I hope I receive a chance for tryouts! Thank you.

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