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Triforge 3v3 Ranked Team

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Hello I'm starting a 3v3 team for the community/team Triforge for anyone interested.

You can start by registering on the forums here: http://www.triforge.enjin.com/ (http://www.triforge.enjin.com/)

Requirements for this team:
- much experience with the Twisted Treeline map
- positive attitude(for the community in general)
- mumble(used for chat purposes)
download: http://www.mumble.com/ (http://www.mumble.com/)
server information: http://www.triforge.enjin.com/forum/...-mumble-server (http://www.triforge.enjin.com/forum/m/10432198/viewthread/5471878-mumble-server)
- please be the age of 15 at the least
- eastern time zone preferably
- be able to practice with the team on a daily basis
- a computer

Add me in-game as CR4NX

Scrimmage time will start around 4:30-5:00 pm eastern time everyday depending on how long it takes to get ready. This will require six people at least so we can have two full teams. I will use these scrimmages to get an idea of your skill level and how well you communicate. If you do not make it on the first team DON'T WORRY I will have a second team for people of lower skill(each team has a roster of 9).

About us:
For anyone who doesn't know we are a growing League of Legends community looking get sponsors for our ranked team. Not only do we strive to improve the team but we also help newcomers, hold practice scrims, tournaments, and much much more. like I said we are still growing that is why I would like to get this 3v3 team out there. Owner and CEO is Syphontwo, be sure to tell him hi and what a great job he is doing! Remember this is just an announcement for the 3v3 team so if you like to play 5v5's start scrimmaging with the team!