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I dont normally complain and i have always praised riot for doing a good job, cause considering how big its gotten and small the company really is theyre doing a good job, i have one concern though

i went through a couple of pages of help and support forum after i posted a problem and noticed none of the threads have any replies from any riot employees, but when i look at general discussion there r several riot tags on threads on each page

i understand riot likes to talk with their community but i think there should probly be an equal prescence in the help and support forum, which usually contain more pressing issues than which character can pub stomp at low elo

i also understand that they probl know which problems need to be fixed already and are working on it, but some kind of update on what they are working on would be great, and if it is sumthing they can fix by telling u how to fix it then they should make that a priority to.

im not gonna stop play LoL cause of it, i dont hate the game, and its not gonna hinder my opinion of it, im just making a suggestion that riot put more eyes on the help and support than the general discussion thread which is probly 40% trolls anyway

excuse typos im using a weird ass keyboard my college has in its computer labs

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Help and support is for community peer help
General discussion is for lots of different topics, including designers, artists, marketing etc to post in.

To contact Customer Service email