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After playing other games, everyone in LoL just seems so weak

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I couldn't disagree with you any more.

Every player has an impact. It only takes one person to throw a game. One person can make amazing plays to turn the tide.

You know what counters flash? Flash does. Just learn to play better.

Flash counters Flash, which is why everyone takes Flash. Proof that Riot doesn't understand balance. There was a time when Blink Dagger (Item in DotA that has the range that Flash had in early Beta) was purchased by every hero. The reason is because it allowed everyone to get away from anything. It was simply too good not to take. However, the item was designed to be an initiation tool, not a get out of jail free card. So what did they do? They applied a 3 second CD whenever you took damage so that it couldn't be used as an escape mechanism unless you went 3 seconds without taking damage.

However, from Riots changes to Flash it's clear that they want it to be a spoon fed escape mechanism. Summoner spells as a whole are an awful concept because their CDs are tool long to be comparable in usefulness to their DotA equivalent items.

Reason everyone is weak in LoL is because they are. They try too hard making everyone equal to everyone else that not one ever really shines. LoL is like having 100 Marios to choose from where DotA is like picking Bowser vs picking Yoshi, the heroes have weaknesses and strengths and their itemization always them to build on the strengths or eliminate their weaknesses.

Also if you've ever seen a decent DotA game, team play is far more important than people give it credit for, and easily more important than in LoL.